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A great selection of wild bird accessories ranging from handy storage for your bird food, bird baths, bird box nesting products, bird hygiene products such as cleaning brushes, hooks and brackets for attaching feeders to walls and fences, window stickers, books and anti squirrel devices.

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  1. Swissinno Smart Feeder Light Grey - Rodent Proof
    No reviews
    Light Grey

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  2. Swissinno Smart Feeder Light Blue - Rodent Proof
    No reviews
    Light Blue

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  3. Swissinno Smart Feeder Dark Green - Rodent Proof
    No reviews
    Dark Green

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  4. Pre Filled Nesting Wool Holder / Feeder
    6 reviews
    • 4.8333333333333 out of 5
    • I may have bought this a bit late for this year, but I can still see bits are disappearing for nesting!
    Nest Wool Holder

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  5. Peckish All Weather Sunflower Heart Feeder
    No reviews
    Sun Heart Feeder

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  6. Meripac Versatile Squirrel Baffle
    12 reviews
    • 4.3333333333333 out of 5
    • Andrew Smith
    • Have experience of using the Meripac Versatile Squirrel Baffle on standard pole type bird feeding stations. The baffle really works. Squirrels can’t get past it. The baffle is however vulnerable in high winds and so a moment moving the station temporarily

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  7. I love Robins easy clean hanging treat dish
    1 review
    • 5 out of 5

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