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Peckish Bird Food Accessories

Peckish Bird Food and Bird Feeders

We stock quality wild bird products from Peckish at the UK's cheapest prices. Our extensive range covers bird feeders, bird seed, bird tables, bird baths, bird feeding stations and more.

View our range of Peckish Bird foods perfect for any garden (or garden bird!) including; Peckish Complete Bird Food, Peckish No Grow Seed Mix and Peckish Squirrel Proof Bird Food.

Peckish bird feeders are some of the UK's favourite. Take a look at the range we offer below.

A great selection of wild bird accessories ranging from handy storage for your bird food, bird baths, bird box nesting products, bird hygiene products such as cleaning brushes, hooks and brackets for attaching feeders to walls and fences, window stickers, books and anti squirrel devices.

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  1. Peckish All Weather Sunflower Heart Feeder
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    Sun Heart Feeder

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  2. Peckish Complete Bird Table
    2 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Sue
    • Just love it and exactly what I was looking for.
    Bird Table
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