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Jacobi Jayne Accessories

Jacobi Jayne Bird Feeders

We sell quality bird care products from Jacobi Jayne at the UK's cheapest prices. Our extensive range covers; bird food, flutter butter, bird feeders, nest boxes, accessories, wildlife products and much much, more.

We stock all the best products by Jacobi Jayne including their excellent 'Ring Pull' range, the 'I Love Robins' bird feeder and their easy to feed Flutter Butter range.

A great selection of wild bird accessories ranging from handy storage for your bird food, bird baths, bird box nesting products, bird hygiene products such as cleaning brushes, hooks and brackets for attaching feeders to walls and fences, window stickers, books and anti squirrel devices.

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  1. Giant Seed Tray/Squirrel Guard
    No reviews
    Seed Tray / Squirrel Guard

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  2. High Strength Window Hook
    No reviews

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  3. Schwegler 2H Open Fronted Nest Box
    No reviews
    One Size

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  4. Schwegler 2M Hanging Nest Box 32mm
    No reviews
    32mm Brown

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  5. Schwegler 10B Swallow Nest Box
    No reviews
    10B Swallow

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  6. Jacobi Jayne Leaf Window Alert
    25 reviews
    • 4.68 out of 5
    • Deb Macrae
    • Good solution for stopping birds fly into large windows
    Maple Leaves

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  7. Jacobi Jayne Old Iron Buttercup Dish
    3 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Mrs gillian bennett
    • Lovely bird dish, filled ours with nuts, seeds and calci worms. Plenty of visits from small birds who soon got used to its prominent position. Really pleased with this purchase.
    Water/Food Dish

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  8. Droll Yankees Seed Scoop
    27 reviews
    • 4.8518518518519 out of 5
    • Pat Simmonds
    • Great way to avoid spilling when refilling feeders

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  9. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Perch Rings
    30 reviews
    • 4.6333333333333 out of 5
    • Andy Bishop
    • Very good
    4 Perch Pack
    6 Perch Rings
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  10. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Base Tray
    20 reviews
    • 4.75 out of 5
    • Gerry Gutteridge
    • Perfect...arrived in good condition
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  11. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Super Tray
    11 reviews
    • 4.9090909090909 out of 5
    • Janet Evans
    • Love these trays as they prevent so much waste falling on the floor attracting undesirable rodents!
    Super Tray

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  12. Jacobi Jayne Hang Right Hanger 12"
    8 reviews
    • 4.125 out of 5
    • Annie Mac
    • Very pleased with this, I've used a carabiner instead of the extremely strong hook that came with it simply because I always have, nothing wrong with the hook which is so strong I can't remove it anyway!! It's an excellent way to hang feeders & I'm really
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