A great selection of wild bird accessories ranging from handy storage for your bird food, bird baths, bird box nesting products, bird hygiene products such as cleaning brushes, hooks and brackets for attaching feeders to walls and fences, window stickers, books and anti squirrel devices.

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  1. Metal Seed Catcher Tray
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  2. Schwegler 2H Open Fronted Nest Box
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    One Size

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  3. Schwegler 2M Hanging Nest Box 32mm
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    32mm Brown

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  4. Schwegler 10B Swallow Nest Box
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    10B Swallow

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  5. 27.5L Bird Food Storage Bin with Metal Handle
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  6. Tamodine E Cleaning Solution 250ml
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  7. Complete Bird Hygiene Cleaning Kit
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    Cleaning Kit

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  8. Nature's Market Wooden Bird Table
    49 reviews
    • 4.6122448979592 out of 5
    • BonnyB - Bath
    • Lightweight and will probably need ballasting at bottom to stop toppling (not constructed yet) but nice looking and brilliant value for £20. Recommend painting/wood staining first so it lasts.
    Bird Table
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  9. Nature's Market Traditional Bird Feeding Station
    38 reviews
    • 4.6578947368421 out of 5
    • Ronni
    • Ready to install and sturdy product. You may need to purchase an additional stabiliser depending on your wind levels
    Feeding Station
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  10. Jacobi Jayne Leaf Window Alert
    25 reviews
    • 4.68 out of 5
    • Deb Macrae
    • Good solution for stopping birds fly into large windows
    Maple Leaves

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  11. Droll Yankees Cleaning Brush for Feeders
    39 reviews
    • 4.8205128205128 out of 5
    • San
    • Simple but effective. Makes cleaning inner tubes of bird feeders easy , compared to my previous method of a cloth on the end of a cane !
    Cleaning Brush
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  12. Tom Chambers Bird Feeding / Dining Station Stabiliser
    14 reviews
    • 4.7857142857143 out of 5
    • ssaunders
    • Arrived safely. Fitted to feeding station - easy to use, so far so good.

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