Cleaning Brush

We stock a wide range of cleaning brushes -all at very low prices for quality products, which will help you to keep your bird feeders looking as good as new. 

It is imporatant to keep your bird feeders clean to stop the spread of diseases across your feeding garden birds, therefore a cleaning brush is a great investment to ensure the safety of wild birds in your area.

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  1. Droll Yankees Cleaning Brush for Feeders
    39 reviews
    • 4.8205128205128 out of 5
    • San
    • Simple but effective. Makes cleaning inner tubes of bird feeders easy , compared to my previous method of a cloth on the end of a cane !
    Cleaning Brush
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  2. Gardman Long Handled Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush
    41 reviews
    • 4.5853658536585 out of 5
    • Keith
    • It is what it is!!
    Cleaning Brush
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  3. Wild Bird Cleaning Brush
    53 reviews
    • 4.5471698113208 out of 5
    • Ann
    • Good for getting to the bottom of feeders. Extra small brush for the fiddly bits.
    Cleaning Brush
    Out of stock
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