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Mealworm Feeders

Wild Bird Mealworm Feeders


A favourite of most wild garden birds, mealworms are an excellent source of energy and protein as well as tasting good, so serving them in a specially designed mealworm feeder is always a good idea. Whether served dried or live, our mealworm feeders will keep those hungry birds coming back for more.

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  1. Azure Window Feeder
    5 reviews
    • 4.2 out of 5
    • Bruce Wallace
    • The feeder attached to window well. The only weakness is it does little to prevent content getting wet on rainy days.
    Window Feeder

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  2. Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Pearl Feeder
    7 reviews
    • 4.8571428571429 out of 5
    • Great house for small birds
    Multi-Purpose Feeder
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  3. Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Feeder
    22 reviews
    • 4.7272727272727 out of 5
    • Stan Robinson
    • We would have given it 5 stars but we found out that you now have to pay postage for the lifetime guarantee replacement parts.
    Multi-Purpose Feeder
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