Jacobi Jayne Onyx Thistle Niger Feeder with Click 2 Clean

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  • Onyx Seed Feeder Tray
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The Onyx Niger Seed Feeder by Jacobi Jayne offers a brilliantly simple solution to cleaning with the Click 2 Clean quick release base.
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Jacobi Jayne's Onyx Niger Seed Feeder offers a brilliantly simple solution to cleaning with the Click 2 Clean quick release base.

Regularly cleaning bird feeders is crucial in ensuring the health of birds visiting your feeders. The Onyx Feeder has two advantages for easy cleaning: at an easy turn and click, the base is removed, allowing easy access to the feeding tube. Secondly, unopposed ports mean that seed flow isn't impeded, which allows a brush to get to all parts of the tube.

Finished off in high gloss piano black finish. The ports have fine holes to allow birds to feed on the fine niger seed and comfortable perches to attract a wide variety of birds.

Shop our Garden Wildlife Direct Niger Seed Here.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee from Jacobi Jayne.

Available in 2 port, 4 port and 6 port versions.


Small - H 275 mm, 1 Litre Capacity - 2 Ports.

Medium - H 425 mm, 1.6 Litre Capacity - 4 Ports.

Large - H 580 mm, 2.2 Litre Capacity - 6 Ports.

Onyx Base Tray

The Droll Yankee Onyx seed feeder tray from Jacobi Jayne has been designed to match and attach to the Onyx bird feeder. Made from tough, weatherproof polycarbonate in smoke colour, the tray needs no maintenance and is easily cleaned. It is simple to attach and is twisted off with the Onyx feeder base to ensure easy cleaning of your feeder.


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    Birds are messy feeders Review by Maurice
    The children (and us) were quite happy about our visiting rat, Roland, and then Rowena joined him which was quaint. When there were 5 little ones as well we called Mr. Ratcatcher - who told us not to feed the birds for a while. Birds are messy eaters especially Goldfinches and this tray tells you straightaway that you are giving nearly as much food to Roland and Rowena and family as you are to the goldfinches. I am now thinking of changing all my bird feeders so that I can fit these trays underneath each one - it's excellent and pays for itself quickly (Posted on 12/09/2018)
  • Quality
    These cleaners are very easy to clean. Review by Margaret
    I've brought these feeders before and although more expensive they last for years. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
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