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Garden Bird & Wildlife Nut Feeders

Garden Bird & Wildlife

We sell a wide range of high quality bird feeders, feeding stations and bird baths.

Peanut Bird Feeder

Peanuts are a perennial favourite for wild garden birds, thanks to the taste and high energy content. And to ensure they get all the goodness, you need a specially designed peanut bird feeder. Available in a range of designs, sizes and styles, our bird nut feeders can be placed anywhere in the garden for a fantastic peanut eating experience.

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  1. Black Steel Peanut Feeder
    12 reviews
    • 4.75 out of 5
    • Private
    • Another good quality,well made product

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  2. Round Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder
    15 reviews
    • 4.8666666666667 out of 5
    • CAL
    • Solid item. Looks squirrel-proof but time will tell. Takes the birds a while to get used to it.
    Nut Feeder

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  3. Premium Squirrel Proof Guardian Nut Feeder
    2 reviews
    • 4 out of 5
    • I think the feeder is very good because the squirrel's cannot get any of the bird food out however up to now i have only seen two goldfinches on there feeding so i am not sure why blue tits etc are not attempting to use it.
    Nut Feeder

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  4. Premium Metal Nut Feeder - 40cm
    2 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Patricia
    • Good quality feeder at a reasonable price.
    Peanut Feeder

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  5. Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder
    10 reviews
    • 3.9 out of 5
    • B Hill
    • Strong and robust
    Peanut Feeder
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  6. Guardian Nut Feeder
    7 reviews
    • 4.5714285714286 out of 5
    • Gary Cool
    • All good a1
    Peanut Feeder
    Out of stock
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