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Jacobi Jayne Seed Feeders

Jacobi Jayne Bird Feeders

We sell quality bird care products from Jacobi Jayne at the UK's cheapest prices. Our extensive range covers; bird food, flutter butter, bird feeders, nest boxes, accessories, wildlife products and much much, more.

We stock all the best products by Jacobi Jayne including their excellent 'Ring Pull' range, the 'I Love Robins' bird feeder and their easy to feed Flutter Butter range.

Bird Seed Feeders

Even if you don’t have a large garden, our bird seed feeders are a wonderful way to attract wild birds to your outdoor space. Perfect for hanging in trees or on bird tables, as well as on patios and balconies, simply fill your seed feeder with a delicious seed mix and watch those hungry birds flock in.

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  1. Jacobi Jayne Get Set Go Seed Feeder
    31 reviews
    • 4.9032258064516 out of 5
    • Barbara W
    • Great feeder that the small birds liked straight away. It's being used at a rate of 1 every 5 secs! I have just squirrel proofed my feeding station, using a pole and a dome baffle below the feeders, otherwise I think he'd have wrecked this feeder in one s
    Seed Feeder
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  2. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Seed Feeders
    122 reviews
    • 4.655737704918 out of 5
    • John
    • A bird feeder! (I ignored all the comments provided about positioning of the product and suggest that you do what suits the birds and not what suit the writers of such product 'information'.) No gripes from this guy though!
    2 Port Seed
    4 Perch Pack
    4 Port Seed
    6 Perch Rings
    6 Port Seed
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  3. Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Feeder
    22 reviews
    • 4.7272727272727 out of 5
    • Stan Robinson
    • We would have given it 5 stars but we found out that you now have to pay postage for the lifetime guarantee replacement parts.
    Multi-Purpose Feeder
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  4. Jacobi Jayne Big Easy Seed Feeders
    14 reviews
    • 4.5714285714286 out of 5
    6 Port
    2 Port
    4 Port
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  5. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Click Metal Seed Feeder
    24 reviews
    • 4.7083333333333 out of 5
    • Gerry Gutteridge
    • Perfect...arrived in good condition
    6 Port
    2 Port
    4 Port
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  6. I Love Robins Window Feeder
    2 reviews
    • 1.5 out of 5
    Window Feeder

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  7. Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Pearl Feeder
    7 reviews
    • 4.8571428571429 out of 5
    • Great house for small birds
    Multi-Purpose Feeder
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  8. Jacobi Jayne My Favourites Clinger Seed Feeder
    23 reviews
    • 4.5217391304348 out of 5
    • Mr T Ellis
    • it dose what it said on the tin
    Seed Feeder
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