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Large Bird & Starling Proof Feeders

These feeders keep large bird such as Crows, Pigeons, Doves and more away from your bird feeders. Also take a look at our squirrel proof feeders, many of which are able to keep large birds at bay.

Please note that juvenile birds may still get into the feeders due to their size.

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  1. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Seed Feeder
    81 reviews
    • 4.7407407407407 out of 5
    • Mrs Susan Rayner
    • Excellent. Certainly keeping the big birds off - one squirrel has learned how to access it though
    Seed Feeder
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  2. Peckish Small Bird Seed Feeder
    25 reviews
    • 4.32 out of 5
    • Gary Moore
    • Excellent service throughout and some very happy birdies thank you
    Seed Feeder
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