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Henry Bell Straights

Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts, Niger Seed and Mealworms

A nutritious food source, these premium quality straight foods - including Sunflower Seeds & Hearts, Niger Seed, Peanuts, Mealworms and great value Bundles - will help you attract a wide range of wild birds to your feeding station. Supplying your wild birds with high levels of energy, you can feed these straight foods all year and they are great value for money - check that we are the cheapest here.

Our peanuts are tested to ensure they are aflatoxin free.

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  1. Henry Bell Ready To Feed Filled Sunflower Heart Feeder
    24 reviews
    • 4.2916666666667 out of 5
    • William Napier
    • bought on a previous visit another feeder but the blue tits seem to prefer thus one.
    Pre-Filled Feeder
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  2. Henry Bell Ready To Feed Filled Peanut Feeder
    11 reviews
    • 4.8181818181818 out of 5
    • helen shillinglaw
    • Love and birds love it too
    Pre-Filled Feeder
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  3. Henry Bell Ready To Feed Filled Mealworm Feeder
    34 reviews
    • 4.2941176470588 out of 5
    • Great value mealworm feeder. The birds love it and delivered on time.
    Pre-Filled Feeder
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