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Suet To Go Suets

Shop our range of Suet 2 Go products including; suet balls, logs and pre-filled feeders.

Suet Bird Food

A firm favourite of all wild bird species, suet bird food is rich in good fats to provide your garden visitors with an energy boost and can be used at any time of the year. Our suet for birds is exceptional value and comes in a choice of blends and styles to treat all your wild feathered friends.

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  1. Premium Sunflower Heart Suet Balls
    31 reviews
    • 4.8387096774194 out of 5
    • Patrick Hickling
    • Great product the birds really like them ,they are good value for money .& I would recommed them .
    150 Box

    £1.96 per kg

    300 Box (2x 150 Box)

    £1.96 per kg

    Out of stock
  2. 3kg Peckaballs with Insect
    21 reviews
    • 4.952380952381 out of 5
    • S. Powell
    • The woodpeckers who visit the feed station (3) love to peck pieces off of these soft suet balls and fly off with the pieces. I assume they are taking the food back to the nest for the wife who I presume is sitting tight on her eggs.
    3kg Peckaballs
    Out of stock
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