Suet Fat Balls - Delayed Sending

With the UK set to experience some high temperatures, we may delay the sending of our fat balls.

This is because hot weather can cause fat balls to break up in transit. To ensure that fat balls are delivered to you in pristine condition, we may hold shipping these products until temperatures decrease.

The rest of your order will be shipped and the fat balls will follow separately when temperatures decrease. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Suet Fat Balls

Fat Balls

High energy and providing quality nutrition all wild birds will enjoy, our fat balls are the perfect supplement for on-the-go garden birds. Perfect for hanging from the bird table or adding to a feeder, these delicious suet fat balls will also help to bring a diverse range of wild bird species flocking into your garden.

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  1. Garden Wildlife Premium Super Suet Fat Balls
    50 Box

    £2.76 per kg

    50 Tub

    £2.28 per kg

    150 Box

    £1.96 per kg

    300 Box

    £1.72 per kg

    600 Box

    £1.57 per kg

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  2. Garden Wildlife Premium Sunflower Fat Balls

    £2.35 per kg


    £2.00 per kg

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  3. Suet To Go Mealworm Peckaballs
    1kg bag

    £2.99 per kg

    4 x 1kg bags

    £2.50 per kg

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