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Mealworm Flavour Suet Blocks

Suet Blocks

Our wild bird suet cakes and blocks are the perfect way to treat your garden bird guests and are ideal for all-year-round feeding. Available in a choice of flavours that will entice most garden birds, our suet blocks and suet cakes for birds are also full of essential nutrients to help them weather the changing seasons.

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  1. Premium Mealworm Suet Blocks
    420 reviews
    • 4.8547619047619 out of 5
    • MaryK
    • Mealworm suet blocks. - Nicely full of mealworm pieces. Good quality blocks.
    10 Suet Blocks
    20 Suet Blocks
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  2. Bucktons Mixed Flavour Suet Cakes
    13 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Julie Caulfield
    • Selection boxes are always good value and enable you to give the birds a change from having just one type, certain birds go for different ones,
    20 Suet Cakes
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  3. Garden Wildlife Direct Suet Logs
    57 reviews
    • 4.719298245614 out of 5
    • mummy
    • Birds seem to like
    6 Berry Logs
    6x Mealworm Logs
    6x Insect Logs
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  4. Assorted Suet/Fat Blocks
    No reviews
    1 Suet Blocks
    10 Suet Blocks
    Out of stock
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