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Original Suet Coconut Shells

Suet Filled Coconut Shells

Compact and environmentally friendly, our suet filled coconut shells are an ideal way to give your feathered garden visitors a nutritious and high-energy treat. Easy to hang from a tree branch, bird table or feeder, and packed with a delicious mixture of fat and nutritious ingredients, our suet coconut shells will become a tasty feeding place for a host of wild birds.

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  1. Everyday Original Half Coconut
    83 reviews
    • 4.7951807228916 out of 5
    • Sarah
    • Good value for money, as always.
    24 Half Coconuts
    12 Half Coconuts
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  2. Everyday Original 3/4 Coconut Suet Shells
    26 reviews
    • 4.6923076923077 out of 5
    • Mrs Doris Martin
    • Don’t last very long. Sometimes the starlings are so boisterous they break the string before it’s empty. Then the ground feeders finish them off
    6x 3/4 Coconuts
    12x 3/4 Coconuts
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  3. Assorted Coconuts
    No reviews
    1 Ass Coconut
    Out of stock
  4. Giant Hanging Fat Ball
    3 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Mr Timothy John Westacott
    • Free good so must be good.
    One Fat Ball
    Out of stock
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