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We sell quality bird products from Nature's Market at the UK's cheapest prices. Our extensive range covers; bird feeders, bird feeding stations, bird tables, nesting boxes and accessories.

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  1. Nature's Market Squirrel Baffle
    7 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Diane
    • Works exactly as it is supposed to.
    Squirrel Baffle

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  2. Nature's Market Wooden Bird Table with Removable Nut Feeder
    2 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Christmas17
    • Not constructed yet, but for the price it looks like it will be a winner
    Bird Table
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  3. Nature's Market Bronze Effect Plastic Bird Bath
    No reviews
    Bird Bath
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  4. Green Suet Cake Bird Feeder
    59 reviews
    • 4.6271186440678 out of 5
    • mummy
    • Does the job
    Suet Cake Feeder
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  5. Nature's Market Wooden Bird Table
    49 reviews
    • 4.6122448979592 out of 5
    • BonnyB - Bath
    • Lightweight and will probably need ballasting at bottom to stop toppling (not constructed yet) but nice looking and brilliant value for £20. Recommend painting/wood staining first so it lasts.
    Bird Table
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  6. Nature's Market Traditional Bird Feeding Station
    38 reviews
    • 4.6578947368421 out of 5
    • Ronni
    • Ready to install and sturdy product. You may need to purchase an additional stabiliser depending on your wind levels
    Feeding Station
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  7. Nature's Market Window Bird Feeder
    5 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Ms Jane Stanford
    • It’s great for small birds because the squirrels are taking over the freestanding feeder and after a while they get used to you rattling on the window and just ignore you
    Window Bird Feeder
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  8. Nature's Market Bronze Effect Plastic Bird Bath
    8 reviews
    • 4.625 out of 5
    • Irene
    • Lovely bird bath - Very pleased with the bird bath. Looks good very sturdy easy to put together speedy delivery. Had lots of nice comments from visitors. I'm sure the birds are going to make good use of it.
    Bird Bath
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  9. Nature's Market Bird Bath with Sheltered Feeding Table
    1 review
    • 4 out of 5
    • Elaine Robinsn
    • Great thanks
    Bird Bath
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  10. Nature's Market Hammertone Finish Bird Seed Feeder
    7 reviews
    • 4.8571428571429 out of 5
    • Olivia
    • Bird feeder really well made and robust. Little birds find it very easy to feed from it. There are so may flimsy bird feeders out there so really glad I found this one. Plus it’s also very reasonably priced. Win/win
    Seed Feeder
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  11. Nature's Market Green Standard Suet Fat Ball Bird Feeder
    45 reviews
    • 4.8222222222222 out of 5
    • Jill
    • This fat ball feeder is well made and the birds are able to use it easily.
    Fat Ball Feeder
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  12. Nature's Market Large Stainless Steel Effect Seed Feeder
    30 reviews
    • 4.5333333333333 out of 5
    • SPoland
    • Good bird feeder - filled with sunflower hearts and it is great.
    Seed Feeder
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