CJ Wildlife Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeders with Guardian - Small and Medium

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  • Small Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeder with Guardian
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  • Medium Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeder with Guardian
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The Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeders from CJ Wildlife are high quality feeders that come with a very useful squirrel guardian which is effective at preventing all but the smallest of squirrels from being able to reach the tasty bird food inside.
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The Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeders from CJ Wildlife are high quality feeders that come with a very useful squirrel guardian which is effective at preventing all but the occasional smaller juvenile squirrels from being able to reach the tasty bird food inside.

Available as either a 2 or 4 port bird seed feeder, both of these crow, starling, pigeon and large proof seed feeders will give you the peace of mind that no one other than your small garden birds will be enjoying the bird seed you have put out for them and with a capacity of up to 550g in the medium sized feeder, both of these feeders are bound to keep your feathered friends well fed for longer - meaning less time needs to be spent refilling the bird feeders out in the cold!

These CJ Wildlife bird feeders have been made from heavy duty, powder-coated steel which has been designed to last whilst the seed feeders are outside exposed to the elements for all year round feeding. The squirrel proof cage also comes with metal mesh which is wide enough to allow smaller bird species such as blue tits, sparrows and finches inside but too small for anything larger to fit through.

Both sized feeders have a diameter of 27.5 cm which provides your feeding birds with more room inside the guardian compared to other similar feeders where garden birds are put off by the limited space meaning that this should not be an issue with these Wildlife seed feeders.

The squirrel proof seed feeders with guardians are easy fill and clean so they can quickly be dismantled for a thorough clean - this we recommend should be done every 2 months to avoid any diseases accumulating, then filled by removing the lid to pour in your feathered friends favourite seed and then replace the lid when full before hanging this vibrant green seed feeder from a branch or hook for your garden birds to start feasting from the seed blend or sunflower hearts inside the feeder! 


Small - Capacity: 270g, Height: 35 cm x Diameter: 27.5 cm.

Medium - Capacity: 550g, Height: 48.5 cm x Diameter: 27.5 cm.


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    Finally, something that defeats starlings Review by Jennifer
    After full feeders of mealworms would be gobbled up in a day by greedy starlings I moved on to trying a normal squirrel proof one - no good, since the ports were still close enough for them to grab the food. This feeder, however, has stopped that! Often there's a frustrated starling hopping along the top of the guardian but no luck for them. Without them fighting over the mealworms I've found lots of smaller birds like finches, sparrows and tits have been happier to come and feed alongside them.

    The actual feeder is well constructed and the bars are arranged so small birds like goldfinches, blue tits and robins can get in to access the feeder, while starlings can't stretch enough to reach. The small feeder holds a good amount of seed/mealworms, I'd go for this one over the larger one unless you have masses of small birds visiting your garden each week. (Posted on 20/02/2020)
  • Quality
    Good apart from handle Review by Avp
    I bought this to keep large birds off the feeder, I do not have a problem with squirrels since I put a slinky round my feeder pole. No problems with large birds so far and in 2/3 days the small birds were using it. It was bigger than I realised I wouldn't go for the large model unless you have a very active bird population. I am dissatisfied with the handle arrangement though. It is far too easy for it to slip off of the bar it attaches to. This happened when I first put it on its hook with the result that the whole feeder fell to the ground spilling about half the seeds in it as the handle also attaches the lid to the main feeder. I have replaced the handle with a piece of thin garden wire which I twisted round the bar the handle attaches to. This means that I shall have to untwist & retwist it every time I refill the feeder but at least I won't loose half a feeder full of seeds! (Posted on 31/12/2019)
  • Quality
    excellent buy Review by Norman
    best bird seeder i have had, the crows cant even get at the seed, EXCELLENT.. (Posted on 23/12/2019)
  • Quality
    Bird feeder Review by Cynthia
    Whilst the shape of this bird feeder deters squirrels and magpies, i put it up as soon as I received it and the squirrels prised the lid off and went head first in to get to the seeds. I have had to tie down the lid with wire. It would be an idea to design the feeder with a clip to deter the squirrels (Posted on 20/12/2019)
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