Droll Yankees Lifetime Seed Feeders

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Droll Yankee Lifetime Seed Feeder
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These high quality wild bird feeders from Droll Yankees come with a "Lifetime" Guarantee - what more can we say!

The feeders are fantastically well made, with a die cast top, base and patented ports all with a durable finish that won't chip or fade. The tube is made from UV-stabilised polycarbonate.

The feeder can be filled by lifting the snug-fit sliding cap which is easy for us to lift but is hard for squirrels.

A contoured base ensures that feed is always easy for the birds to get to.

Each model comes complete with two perch rings that make it easier for certain species of garden birds to feed from the feeders. (Additional perch rings can be bought separately).


Small           2 port           180mm     0.5litre capacity

Medium       4 port           360mm     1litre capacity

Large          6 port           540mm     1.5litre capacity


Droll Yankee Perch Rings

Adding these perch rings to your lifetime feeders means that birds can feed in greater comfort and safety.

They are an instant fit as well as being easy to remove for cleaning. 

Compatible only with Droll Yankees Lifetime feeders (the perch rings are not compatible with the Goldfinch flockers or peanut feeders. Also not compatible with Ring Pull and Ring Pull Pro Feeders).

A - Tray

This Seed Tray will help collect dropped food and will also help to keep the ground under the feeders clean and tidy as well as providing extra perching space for more birds.

This A - Tray has been made from tough, weatherproof polycarbonate for weather resistance and the drainage holes prevent water-logging the seeds keeping them fresh.

Diameter: 203 mm.

Omni Seed Tray

Attach this Omni Tray to any lifetime feeder to help catch dropped bird food and reduce wastage of bird seed and mess below your feeder.

Dimensions: Dia 265 mm.

These feeders can be filled with our very own Garden Wildlife Sunflower Seeds

Please note these feeders are not compatiable with the Ring-Pull Tray.



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