Website Issues and Technical Problems

I'm having technical problems

Please check the following points, as the majority of problems can be fixed quite easily.

1. Refresh the page - It might sound odd, but 99% of the issues we receive into our customer service team can be resolved by simply trying again. Simply refresh your browser window and the chances are it'll fix the problem (please dont refresh your browser if you've just clicked the 'pay' button).

2. Update your browser - Check that your web browser and device are fully updated to the latest versions. Please note that we no longer support the Internet Explorer browser.

3. Check for error messages - Look for any red error messages on your screen and take note of what they say. Most error messages give good feedback on what the problem is so you can attempt to rectify any problems yourself.

4. Try a different device/browser - If you still have issues, try on a different device or in a different web browser. For example if you're having an issue on your computer, try on your mobile phone instead. Or perhaps if you're using the Chrome browser, try on Edge.

5. If you're still having problems please email us on and include as much information as possible.

Please include the following in your email:
- Full details of your problem
- A screenshot of the error or the page you are on (if possible). Please take a fullscreen screenshot rather than just a bit of the screen.
- Which device and browser you have tried ordering on

The more information we are provided, the greater the chance of fixing your problem and the faster we'll be able to resolve it.

I can't login to my account

Please make sure your email address and password are correct.

If you are sure you have an account with us - then you'll need to reset your password. You can do so by visiting the password reset page and following the instructions.

If you're not sure if you have an account with us - then please create a new account. If you do have an account with us, the system will flag that the email address already has an account (in which case you may wish to reset your password). If you don't have an account, then the system will create you one.

Why am I seeing warning messages about Internet Explorer and Safari v9?

Internet Explorer - This browser is no longer supported by Microsoft. It's been around a long time and has unfortunately reached 'end of life' status, meaning using it poses a security risk. Microsoft launched their new browser 'Edge' to replace Internet Explorer, or you could use other options such as the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Safari v9 - This browser is no longer supported by Apple, so you'll need to switch to a more modern browser. Again for security reasons.

We support as many browsers as we can, however unfortunately we must sometimes stop supporting older browsers. This helps us in protecting our customers from cyber crime.

Why am I experiencing issues?

We constantly monitor the performance of Garden Wildlife Direct for any IT-related issues, such as web pages being unavailable or severe slowdown. However websites are incredibly technical things with many different parts to them and things do occasionally get stuck. If you do experience such problems, the first thing you should try is simply to try again. As long as you haven't just pressed the 'pay' button on the checkout, then refresh your browser.

You might also want to try the privacy mode of your browser to make sure the problem isn't at your end. In chrome, this is called 'Incognito mode'. In Edge this is called 'InPrivate mode'. Both of these modes disable and extensions you have running in your browser and bypass the browsers cache, which solves most problems. You can access this option in your web browsers menu.

If you're still struggling, it is best to take a screenshot of the problem, or simply call us and let know about the issue. We will make it a high priority task to resolve these concerns as quickly as possible.

You can find more specific issues such as order issues and account issues further down this page.

Delivery FAQ’s

How much does delivery cost?

You can find full details of our delivery charges here.

How long will my delivery take?

Delivery times vary depending on what you’ve ordered and the shipping method you have selected. Please see this page for full details.

Can I change the delivery details once I have placed my order?

We have a very small window when we can make changes, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible to see if we can make this change for you. Unfortunately if you miss this window then changes cannot be made.

The 'Express Delivery' option isn't showing up in the checkout

This can happen for a couple of reasons. The most common reason is that we have temporarily removed the option, which is something we do if we are particularly busy. This allows us to focus on getting all of our orders out of the door in a timely fashion and avoids disappointing customers.

If you are ordering a large item such as garden furniture or a heavy item such as a stone bird bath, then express delivery will be unavailable to you.

We do not offer Express Delivery to certain parts of the UK such as the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man and other hard to reach places.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link to the delivery companies website where you can keep an eye on its progress.

If you are logged into your account, you can also get the tracking details from the My Orders section and clicking into the order.

If you have opted for a DPD delivery, you can download their app and specify exactly where you want the parcel leaving, which neighbours to leave it with (and which to avoid), or change the delivery to a designated place (e.g. a local shop participating in the scheme). Please see this page for full details.

Are delivery costs different based on location?

Yes, UK mainland areas have a standard fee, but due to distance and accessibility of certain parts of the UK, variable delivery rates apply. You can see our rate chart by zone here.

If I order over the weekend, how long for delivery?

All of our delivery times are in business days, the delivery companies we use do not operate/deliver over the weekend. Generally, if you order over the weekend, your order will be dispatched on the Monday. Please note that we are closed on bank holidays.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the UK, please see here for full details of our delivery costs for out of area zones such as the highlands.

I've only received part of my order?

Occasionally, the courier might split your delivery into two for large orders. This is rare and we both us and the courier do everything we can to avoid this. In the first instance, please check your tracking information for clues on how many deliveries to expect. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Why have I been asked to pay extra for my delivery?

If you receive an email from a delivery company asking for additional payment after you have placed your order, this is a scam email. You can safely ignore it.

Unfortunately there is little companies can do to stop scam emails except for raising awareness on what to look out for. Scammers send the emails at random hoping to get lucky, they have not got your details from us or the delivery company.

If you are unsure, please contact the delivery company and they can advise.

Ordering FAQ’s

Can I change my order once I've placed it?

Unfortunately once your order has been placed we are unable to add or amend the products or quantities on your order. Similarly we are unable to amend your delivery details once an order has been placed.

If you do have any queries then please contact us as soon as you notice the problem.

Why did I not receive a confirmation email?

There could be several reasons why you didn't receive an email from us. The most likely reason is that it has gone through to your spam folder. Please make sure you check this and add us to your safe senders list. We suggest logging into your account directly if you did not receive an email and tracking your order that way.

Why isn't my order showing in my account?

For your order to show up in your account, you must login to your account before placing an order. It isn't enough to use the same email address as your account, you must log in too.

You can check if you are logged in by looking at the top right of our website. If you see 'Log In', then you aren't currently logged into your account. Click the 'Log In' link to log in.

What should I do if I’m unhappy with my order?

Should you have any concerns about the product(s) you have ordered, please contact our customer service team by either email on or by phone on 01772440242. Problems must be reported within 14 working days of delivery. We aim to resolve any problems you may have as quickly as possible. Please do not just send us products without first contacting customer services.

Why doesn’t my offer code work?

If your offer code doesn't work, please check the expiration date on the relevant marketing material (email, newspaper, catalogue, brochure etc). Otherwise, if the code doesn't work and is still within the expiration date, please contact our customer services team by email or by phone on 01772440242.

Can I get regular, scheduled orders?

We are delighted to offer a Bird Food Subscription which saves you an extra 10% on future bird food orders. Find out more about how to sign up here.

Can I use different shipping and billing addresses?

Yes. To do this, go add your products and shop as normal. Then when you get to the checkout and you're asked to enter your address, tick the box under where you put your telephone number 'Deliver to different address'. You'll then be able to add a separate delivery address at step 3.

If you are logged into an account, the process is exactly the same, except you will need to tick the box that sits under the dropdown containing a list of the addresses in your account. On the next step (Step 2), you'll want to select 'New Address' in the dropdown box, then complete your details.

Can I buy from abroad for delivery to the UK?

If you live abroad and want to purchase a gift for someone living in the UK, you can do this on our website.

To do this, shop as normal and when you get to the final stage of the checkout (You'll see a header called 'Payment Method'), look for a box called 'my billing and shipping address are the same'. By default this is checked. Uncheck the tickbox and enter your address.

You can then progress through and pay as normal. Alternatively please call us and we can take your order over the phone.

Please be aware that some payment methods may not be available to you depending on where you live (e.g. you may not be able to use the buy now pay later options).

How do i clear my basket?

Once in your basket, look for the ' Remove item' link located underneath the product image. Repeat for any product you wish to remove.

If you are having problems emptying your basket, it usually helps to try on a different device or use a different web browser.

Product FAQ’s

Are you really the cheapest in the UK?

Yes! You can see for yourself on our price comparison page here.

Does 25kg come in separate bags?

Please refer to the product page for details on how a product is shipped. For example we might offer a 25kg variant as 1x 25kg and 2x12.55kg bags. We offer various sizes and weight combinations, to make sure you select the right one, please click through to the category page (click the image or the 'More Options' button from a category page to see them all).

Please note that in certain circumstances where we run out of 25kg bags, we will send out two 12.55kg bags instead (same totalweight, but different sized bag).

How often should I clean my feeders?

When large numbers of birds gather in a single location, such as a feeder, a station or table, there's a greater risk of disease spreading. Therefore, it is critical to clean your feeders frequently. Use a 5% disinfectant solution when cleaning, and clean them outdoors instead of bringing the feeder indoors. If you use a bird feeding station, ensure to relocate each month so droppings do not gather underneath. See our cleaners here.

Where does your bird food come from?

Some of our food is sourced in the UK, but bird food such as peanuts, nyger seed and sunflower seeds aren't grown here so we source from other countries within and beyond Europe.

Why aren’t birds eating the food?

The main reasons why birds will not eat food include a threat from predators, other sources of food elsewhere (check seasonality for this), location of food i.e. is it away from a natural environment, and lack of familiarity with the garden. They might not feed if there is no water source nearby either – consider getting a bird bath to encourage them into your garden for longer.

Which feeder should I get?

If you’re struggling to decide on what feeder to get, the best place to start is to consider what it is you’d like to feed the birds. As a general rule; for smaller birds, go for a seed feeder and for larger birds go for a nut feeder. As you start to see birds in your garden, you might want to experiment with different feeders and feed to encourage different ones, but a general mix is a good place to start.

After you’ve decided what size bird you want to attract, decide where you’re going to put your feeder. If you live in a flat, consider a window feeder. If you have somewhere to hang it, then pick a hanging feeder. Otherwise, you might want to consider a feeding station or bird table.

Can I store the feed in the bag? How should I store the feed?

Certain seeds/feeds contain oils which may leak out over time. To keep your purchase as fresh as possible for as long as you need, we recommend storing your feed in an air tight container in a cool dry place – we stock a range of containers here.

A container will also help to keep pests away from where you store your food. If you store your food in a container in your garage, shed or somewhere where pests could get to it, make sure it's in a container and that you don't spill food around it, as this could attract pests.

Are your bags recyclable?

We’re currently working on moving some of our goods to recyclable materials. Most paper and plastic bags will be recyclable. We advise to check with your local recycling centre.

How can I keep squirrels away from my feeders?

Squirrels love an easy meal, so the best thing to do is purchase a squirrel proof feeder.

Is your bird food safe for people with nut allergies?

All of our products are stored and shipped from our warehouse which also stores peanuts. As such, we cannot guarantee that products have not been in contact with peanuts or peanut products. Please be aware that this also includes products that do not specifically list peanuts as an ingredient.

Is your bird food safe for human consumption?

In many cases the feeds we supply are of an equivalent quality to those for humans, however these are only tested to ensure they are completely safe for wild birds to eat and not tested for human consumption.

That being said we do not recommend eating the bird food yourself as the food is stored in an environment conducive to bird feed and not to the standards required for human food.

Our feed should not be eaten by humans.

Account and Password FAQ’s

How do I create an account?

You can create an account as part of your order, or go here first to sign up.

I can't login, how do i reset my password?

Click here to visit the page where you can reset your password. Once on the password reset page:

  1. Enter your email address in the form and click on 'reset my password'.
  2. Check your email inbox and click the link in the email (please also check your junk folder).
  3. The link will take you to our website. Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm, then click on the button to save your new password.
  4. You'll then be asked to login again. Please use the your email address and the new password you just set.

If you have not received an email within 10 minutes and it's not in your junk folder, please create a new account. If you do indeed have an account, then the system will prevent you from creating one. In which case please try resetting your password once more before contacting us, as its probably a temporary issue.

Please note we routinely delete accounts that have not placed an order within the last 2 years, so if you've not bought from us in a while you may need to set up a new account. It's easy to tell if you have an account, just try creating one and if you don't have one you'll succeed. If you don't you'll be prompted to reset your password.

I haven't received a password reset email
  • The email usually comes through instantly, but it can take up to 10 minutes to arrive during busy periods.
  • Have you checked the junk folder in your email?
  • Using Outlook? You might have an 'Other' folder you'll need to check (Outlook has what they call a 'Focused' inbox and an 'Other' inbox).
  • Using Gmail? Please check your other inboxes (depending on your settings, Google might have added these inboxes; Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums. Please check them all
  • Still can't find the email? Please use the search function in your email client to search for 'Garden Wildlife Direct'.

Once you have received your password reset email, please click the link in the email and follow the instructions.

I received the error 'Incorrect email or password, please try again'

If you know you definitely have an account with Garden Wildlife Directt, please click here and enter your email address to reset your password.

If you've ordered from us before but cannot log in, it could be that you have previously checked out with us as a guest, in which case please create a new account.

If you do not receive a password reset email within 10 minutes, please try creating a new account.

My last order doesn’t appear in my account order history?

Usually this is as a result of your previous order being placed as a guest. Please ensure you log in every time to your account to ensure your order history is all together.

Unfortunately we are unable to transfer orders made as a guest onto your account, including adding reward points for any orders placed as a guest.

How do I change my address or other details?

You can change your address, phone number or email address at any point in your account. Just log in and click on 'Address Book' in the account menu. From there you can edit, remove or add a new address as well as set your default billing and shipping addresses.

Please do not use any special characters in your address as this will cause an error when checking out. Special characters include: - = + [ ] { } / \ "

Refer a Friend FAQ’s

How do I refer a friend?

You can refer friends by logging into your account and clicking on 'Referred Friends' down the left hand menu or by clicking here.

Follow the instructions on the Referral page for instructions on how to refer a friend

I'm having problems referring a friend

Please visit the refer a friend page for guidance. Please make sure you have followed the instructions for referring a friend. This page provides step by step instructions for referring a friend.

To see referral statuses for anyone you have already referred, please visit the referral section in your account.

You can find additional information on the use of our refer a friend scheme in our terms and conditions.

How much of my referral bonus can I apply to each transaction?

We have added a maximum amount to the refer a friend discount to prevent abuse. You can only use your referral bonus on a maximum of 25% of your order. The system will calculate this for you and warn you if it was unable to apply the total discount. Don't worry, your referral bonus will still be there for the next time you order.

What are the terms and conditions for the refer a friend scheme?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for specific, up to date conditions on how the scheme works.

Welcome Discount FAQ’s

What's the process?

To use the welcome discount you'll need to make sure you have first:

1. Created an account and opted into marketing emails
2. Logged into your account
3. Spent over £30

Please note that the welcome discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The discount is available to new customers only. Existing customers can still save by signing up to our emails, as we occasionally send our customers discounts via email.

The subscribe form isn't working

If you're having trouble subscribing via the registration page here, it could be because you have something installed in your browser that is interfering with the connection to our email program - usually an ad blocker.

This is because some ad blockers are a little over sensitive with their blocking.

I haven't received the welcome email

The email is sent straight away, but can take up to 5 minutes to come through. If it's been longer than 5 minutes, please make sure you have checked your junk/spam folder. It might be a good idea to use the search feature in your email account, which can make it easier to find.

The email will only be triggered if you subscribed via the welcome popup or this page. If you subscribed via another means, then please go to this page and enter your details again.

The email will only be sent if you are a new customer with us. Existing customers will receive discounts via our marketing emails, so there's no need to sign up again.

I can't get the voucher code to apply

We have put a couple of conditions on the voucher code to prevent people abusing it. This does unfortunately make it a little more complicated to use, but don't worry, here's what you need to do.

First of all, make sure you are logged into your account. You can check this by visiting this page. If it asks you to login, then you aren't logged in and will need to create an account with us. If you see your account then you can move onto the next step below. Please be aware that by subscribing to our emails, you have not yet created an account on our website, you have just signed up to our emails. Go here to create an account.

Once you've checked you are logged into your account, next you'll need to make sure you are spending more than the minimum of £30. You can check this by visiting your basket and it's an easy fix if you're under the £30 spend. Just add a little more to your basket!

Lastly, please make sure that you aren't trying to use multiple voucher codes on our website. If you already have a code added, you'll need to remove it to use your discount.

Step by step guide to using the welcome discount

If you're still encountering problems, we've broken the process down into a step by step guide, which you might find useful:

Step 1

Visit our website and register for an account by completeing the form on our signup page.

Step 2

Check your email inbox for the welcome discount code. If you can't find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Open the email and find your discount code.

Step 3

Visit our website and log into your account. You can do this by visiting our customer login page.

Step 4

Shop as normal and add the items you wish to purchase to your basket. You must spend a minimum of £30 to qualify for the discount.

Step 5

Click on 'View Cart' on the popup that appears after you have added an item to your basket. Alternatively, click the 'Checkout' link at the top right of our website to go to your basket.

Enter the voucher code we sent to your email address and click on 'Apply Discount' (see the below screenshot for where to find the discount box).

The voucher code should now be applied and the 20% discount will have been taken off your order.

Step 6

Check your items and once you're happy click on 'Proceed to Checkout' to complete your order.

Further Assistance

If you are still struggling to use the discount code, please contact us. Please do not check out as we cannot apply the code to orders already placed.

Why can't I use the discount I signed up for?

From time to time we run promotional offers to encourage sign ups - for example 15% off instead of the usual 10%. If you signed up during one of these promotional periods, then you must use your discount during the timeframe specified at sign up.

Certain items are excluded from the welcome discount. Exclusions include Borderstone Bird Baths, Eastern Connections Bird Baths and certain high value items such as garden furniture. We may also exclude the discount from being used in certain offer periods and sales.

If you signed up during the promotional period, but missed the cutoff for the discount, please email us. We will assess each email that comes in and if you did sign up to our emails, have no other accounts with us and you're still subscribed, we may be able to provide you with a 20% code instead.

Are any products excluded from the offer?

Yes, certain products are excluded from the welcome offer. These include, but are not limited to; Borderstone Bird Baths, Eastern Connection Bird Baths and garden furniture. We will do our best to keep this list up to date, but we do reserve the right to add any product to this list without notice or mention - for example on certain products if we were to offer a discount, we would lose money on it.

We may also remove our welcome offer during busy periods and for special offer periods, although we will do everything we can to avoid this.

Voucher Code FAQ’s

Can I use more than one discount code in my order?

Most of our discount codes are single use and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer. If you have multiple discount codes (e.g. the welcome discount and an offer from one of our emails), you will need to pick one to use. You could however keep the next discount code for the next time you shop with us (as long as the code is used before its expiry date. You can find this in our marketing materials).

I have paid for my order, but forgot to add a discount code

We state on our basket page, as well as other locations throughout our site not to checkout if you have not added a voucher code. Please check carefully before you checkout, as offers cannot be added retrospectively. Similarly free gifts cannot be added to an order once it has been placed.

I’m having trouble using a discount code

There might be several reasons why you are unable to use a voucher code. First of all, double check the code on the marketing material you have.
1. Our voucher codes are case sensitive so please ensure that the codes are being copied exactly
2. Make sure you meet the criteria in the marketing materials. For example:
a. It might have a purchase requirement (e.g. buy product A and get product B free)
b. It might have a price requirement (e.g. spend over £X and get Y free)
c. It might be time limited (e.g. buy before 1st May 2019)
3. Try placing your order using a different browser
4. Try using a different device to place the order
5. If the free gift does not appear automatically in your basket this may be due to stock reasons, as all offers are subject to availability and while stocks last
6. No more than one voucher code can be used per order. Sometimes these are added automatically for qualifying items, so please check your basket
7. Reward points cannot be used alongside voucher codes.

I need help with my free gift (auto add gifts)

We sometimes offer 'free gift' promotions, usually where if you buy a certain item(s), we automatically apply a gift to your basket. When we do this, you'll see the item added to your basket with a value of £0. If you are expecting to receive a free gift and it isn't showing, double check where you saw the offer to make sure you meet the criteria.

Free gifts cannot be sent out retrospectively, so please double check before you pay.

Where do I apply my discount code?

After you've added a product to your basket, you'll see a popup. Click on 'view basket' to go to your basket where you can add your discount code. Alternatively, hover over the basket at the top right of your screen and click on 'Checkout' to see your basket.

Where can I find discount codes?

We release voucher codes occasionally. The best thing to do to make sure you're getting the latest codes is to make sure you are:
signed up to our emails
following us on Facebook
following us on Twitter.

Many of our deals are exclusive to our email subscribers, so that’s the best way to find codes.

We do not work with third party sites. Any discount codes found on a site other than are not official voucher codes. Please sign up to our emails for official codes.

Can I use my reward points and a discount code in the same order?

You can only use one or the other, you can't use both reward points and discount codes in the same order.

Are any products exempt from discounts?

Yes, certain items are exempt from discounts. For example garden furniture, bird baths by Borderstone and Eastern Connections and all gift cards.

I found a voucher code on another website, but it doesn't work?

We do not work with third party sites. Any discount codes found on a site other than are not official voucher codes. Please sign up to our emails for official codes.

Many voucher code and deals websites advertise discounts that are not valid in order to get traffic to their sites. We do not have control over what these sites advertise and they should not be relied upon for discount codes.

Reward Points FAQ’s

How do I earn reward points?

Simply create an account and you’ll start earning reward points each time you shop with us. Once you have created your account, you must be logged into it to earn and spend reward points. Points will not be awarded if you check out as a guest. You can find further information on points here.

How do I spend reward points?

First of all, make sure you are logged into your account. You can do this by clicking on 'My Account' at the top right of our website.

Once you're logged in, simply go to your basket and underneath the products you have added to your basket you will find the box to add your reward points.

If you do not see a box to add your reward points, this could either be because you aren't logged in to your account, or because you don't have any reward points to spend. You can see how many you have in your account here (note that you must be logged in to see this page).

Reward Points can be used to cover up to 75% of your order

Why haven’t I received reward points?

You must be logged in to your account to spend and earn reward points. If you check out as a guest, you won’t receive any points.

Why didn't my reward points get added to my account?

For your reward points to show up in your account, you must login to your account before placing an order. It isn't enough to use the same email address as your account, you must log in too.

You can check if you are logged in by looking at the top right of our website. If you see 'Log In', then you aren't currently logged into your account (on mobile/tablet, you'll need to tap on the icon of a person). Click the 'Log In' link to log in. You'll then be able to spend any points you have and also accrue points.

Reward points are added to your account once your order has been delivered. They will not show in your account until then.

Do my reward points expire?

Yes, reward points will expire one year after they are added to your account. We will send you an email a couple of weeks before they are due to expire so that you have time to spend them should you wish to.

Are any products excluded from reward points offer?

Yes, but not many. At the moment only gift cards are excluded from the reward points offer and as such you can't use reward points to buy a gift card and you won't earn reward points for purchasing a gift card.

Whilst there aren't any other products excluded at this time, we reserve the right to exclude any products without notice to protect our business. We will of course update this page and the terms and conditions as quickly as we can to reflect any changes.

Can I use my reward points and a discount code in the same order?

You can only use one or the other, you can't use both reward points and discount codes in the same order.

Payment FAQ’s

Are my payment details securely transmitted and stored?

All of our card payments (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) are securely transmitted to our payment provider. In fact your card details never actually touch our server, they are handled directly by the payment company. PayPal is also secure since you are taken offsite to PayPal to submit your payment information.

Can I pay by Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Yes! To pay by Apple Pay or Google Pay, you must be using a device that already has an active card saved with one of these services. You will then see the Google Pay or Apple Pay option above all of the payment options when you get to the payment section of the checkout (step 2). If you do not have either of these services activated on your device, then you will not see the option on the payment page.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser on a desktop computer, then you will have the option to pay by Google Pay as long as you have the card setup via

You can also pay by Apple Pay through the Safari browser on a desktop computer as long as you have Apple Pay enabled and setup on your device.

If you have Apple/Google Pay and you don't see the option, check you have the card available for payment on that device or browser. Sometimes you must turn this on within your browser (especially if you're using it across devices).

Can I save my payment details with you to make it easier next time I shop?

We don't currently store card details on our website for security reasons. You could however save your card details in your web browser to check out faster the next time you shop with us (or any other website). To do this, please check the settings of your web browser.

If your payment details are appearing when you come to checkout on our website, this is because you have saved your card details in your web browser. Your web browser is then populating the card detail fields for you when you come to checkout. To change these card details, please change them in your web browsers settings.

If you are signed up for Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can also save your card details in there and use those services to check out with us.

How do I remove a stored card?

We don't store customer cards on our website. If your card details are populated automatically when you come to pay on our site, then it means that your card details are saved in your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Safari). Please check your browser settings to update/remove your card details.

Is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) financing available?

Financing is available via PayPal's 'Pay-in-3' option, Klarna and ClearPay.

To use PayPal financing, check out and select the PayPal option at the payment stage. The option will appear either on the page under the PayPal option, or in the popup after clicking on the gold PayPal button. Alternatively click the 'Pay Later' button if you see it.

To use Klarna or ClearPay, select the 'pay by card' option. Then select the financing method you wish to use.

Financing may not be available to everyone or on all transactions. Please refer to both our Terms and Conditions and each financing companies Terms and Conditions for their conditions of use and what this could mean to you (e.g. in terms of your credit report).

How do refunds work when using a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) financing option?

Refunds work in a similar way to card payments.

For a partial refund part way through your financing period, your refund will be subtracted from any future payments. If you have paid of your balance (and for full refunds) then the refund will go direct to you via your financing option.

Please refer to both our Terms and Conditions and each companies Terms and Conditions for conditions of use and what this could mean to you (e.g. in terms of your credit report).

What are the Terms ands Conditions I need to know for your financing options?

You can find links to each financing option's terms and conditions via our Terms and Conditions page.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the options and what this could mean to you (e.g. in terms of your credit report).

Gift Card FAQ’s

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase on our site under the 'gift' section. Select how much you want to buy, then add it to your basket.

You can choose to download the voucher yourself, or send it to a friend. If you opt to send the gift card to someone via email, please take care entering the email address. We cannot be held responsible if you send the card to an unintended recipient and they use it.

Can I send a gift card to someone that doesn't have an email address?

Yes! Simply add your own email address as the recipient and your friends name. Then when you receive the email you could print it off to give to them.

The recipient would then need to either create an account or log in to an existing account and add the gift card to their account here.

Help, I sent the gift card to the wrong person!

If you opt to send the gift card to someone via email, please take care entering the email address. We cannot be held responsible if you send the card to an unintended recipient and they use it.

If you have sent the card to the wrong person, please contact us as soon as possible. We can cancel and re-issue the gift card, however we can't re-issue any funds that have been spent.

How do i check the balance of my gift card?

Once the card has been added to your account, visit the 'Gift Card' section in your account to view the remaining balance.

We'll also email you an update every time you spend money from your gift card (please check your junk folder if you haven't received it, or see the link above).

How do I use a gift card?

If you have been sent a gift card, just log into your account and visit the 'Gift Card' section. From there you can add the gift card to your account.

To use the balance on your gift card, add it to your order at the basket stage (before checking out). You'll find the box to add it just underneath the list of products (scroll down to see it on mobile). If the gift card doesn't quite cover your order, you can pay the remaining balance when checking out.

Food and Feeding Wild Birds FAQs

What times of year should I feed wild birds?

The RSPB now recommend feeding birds all year round. Your garden can become a preferred feeding destination for many species of birds who can fly up to 4 miles to feed in your garden.

Eating habits will change across the year based on many factors such as weather, breeding season and bird migration.

I have put up a new feeder and the birds aren’t feeding from it?

Please be patient, it can take some time for garden birds to get used to a new feeder.

Location can have a significant effect on birds going to the feeder. It is always best to position a feeder close to cover so birds can easily find shelter such in a tree, bush or established border.

Also make sure that the feeder is well out of reach of any predators of wild birds.

I have put out new food from you and the birds aren’t eating it?

There are many reasons why wild birds might not be feeding from the food you put out, we have detailed several below but if you do have any queries then please contact us on

If the food has been located in a new position in your garden it may take time for birds to locate the food and feel comfortable to feed on it.

If food is in abundance in your area then wild birds will be selective about where they feed, selecting food that is closer, from locations they feel more secure or select their favourite food. The changing seasons will also have a bearing on what is available to birds and where they will feed.

Is there a neighbourhood cat that is scaring them away or some other predator? If so it is worth moving your food to a more secure part of the garden or investing in a humane pest control system.

From experience we know garden birds can be fickle, in some gardens eating a range of foods, in others just eating sunflower hearts and in another always leaving sunflower hearts or suet pellets. The cause is probably related to some of the above reasons so we suggest when you introduce a new food start with a small amount to ensure “your birds” love the food!

What food should I offer in my garden to attract a wide range of birds?

We suggest offering a variety of different foods to entice a wide range of birds into your garden. We will be posting blogs over the coming months which will provide more tips on what food to offer and which birds this will attract.

How often should I clean my wild bird feeders?

We recommend cleaning your feeders at least every 4 weeks. This will reduce the risk of bird diseases being passed between birds feeding in your garden.

Garden Wildlife Direct also suggest that you remove any residual seed/food that is in your feeder every time you refill your feeder. This will reduce the chance of the feeder becoming clogged up and food becoming mouldy.

Should I vary my feeding to attract more birds?

Varying your feeding can certainly help. There are three main ways of feeding birds: ground feeding, table feeding and by using hanging feeders. We would recommend using a variety of different bird food for all the methods above to attract different birds to your garden. Also consider the location of your feeders as well as the environment in which the birds feed. For instance, birds such as the Chaffinch are prone to shyness, and therefore feed under tables and bushes; Bullfinches prefer the cover of bushes, so consider placing feeders in relatively covered locations in your garden.

What's better, dried mealworms or live mealworms?

Both types are perfectly acceptable and provide quality nutritional enrichment for your birds. Of course, live mealworms are fresher and therefore contain nutrients that may otherwise be removed during the process of drying out. Dried mealworms, on the other hand, last much longer than live mealworms and can be soaked in water overnight to give your birds a nice juicy treat.