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Does 25kg come in separate bags?

Our 25kg bird peanuts and 20kg sunlower hearts come in standard single bags. However, in certain circumstances where we run out of 25kg bags, we will send out two 12.5 kg bags instead. Should you require 20kg sunflower hearts, the option is available to purchase four 5kg bags.

How often should I clean my feeders?

When large numbers of birds gather in a single location, such as a feeder, a station or table, there's a greater risk of disease spreading. Therefore, it is critical to clean your feeders frequently. Use a 5% disinfectant solution when cleaning, and clean them outdoors instead of bringing the feeder indoors. If you use a bird feeding station, ensure to relocate each month so droppings do not gather underneath.

See our cleaners here.

Where does your bird food come from?

Some of our food is sourced in the UK, but bird food such as peanuts and nyger seed aren't grown here so we source from other countries within and beyond Europe.

Why aren't birds eating the food?

The main reasons why birds will not eat food include a threat from predators, other sources of food elsewhere (check seasonality for this), location of food i.e. is it away from a natural environment, and lack of familiarity with the garden.