Garden Wildlife Direct Wild Bird Fat Balls (No Net)

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Our new improved recipe fat balls are palm oil free and packed full of high energy ingredients and loved by a wide range of wild birds.

Due to the fragile nature of this product, it's possible that up to 20% of the fat balls could break up in transit.

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50 Fat Balls in Plastic Tub £3.11 per kg
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300 Box of Fat Balls (25kg) £1.49 per kg
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Special Price £48.49 Regular Price £51.99
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Our Garden Wildlife Direct Fat Balls have a new and improved recipe providing more nutrition, energy and health benefits to wild birds.

The Balls have a higher fat content than most other balls you can buy and are packed with 420 KCals providing birds with more energy.

The distinct colour comes from the use of maize flour which allows you to pick out our quality fat balls from paler imitators. Maize flour has health benefits for the birds as it contains Vitamin B-6 which helps birds break down food to get extra energy from the balls. Along with antioxidant carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

The balls also contain quality seeds such as Red Dari and whole sunflower seeds which are loved by birds.

More than ever we know these Fat Balls are a high energy, nutritious and are an extremely popular treat for all your visiting garden and wild birds. 

Please note that the 25kg (approx. 300) of Fat Balls (No Net) are delivered as 2 x 12.55kg boxes.

Due to the fragile nature of fat balls and time in transit it is possible that up to 20% of the fat balls may be broken in the box. These broken balls will still attract birds and can be fed from most fat ball feeders or from a ground feeder.

Due to changes caused by the Corona Virus, we are no longer able to accept liability for any tubs that become damaged in transit. 

Due to the high fat content of the balls, they will start to break apart in heavy rain, we do suggest keeping them in a fat ball feeder with a protective lid.

We also advise that these Fat Balls be stored indoors at room temperature over the winter to prevent them from hardening up too much, and becoming impossible for birds to feed from.

All weights are approximate and there may be slightly more or less fat balls in these boxes.

We are actively trying to reduce the amount of plastic used in our products, unfortunately due to the high fat content of the balls, fat oil can leak out and weaken the cardboard boxes used. At certain times of the year a thin plastic liner will be used to protect the boxes. Tubs are shipped in plastic.

Ingredients include:

Kibbled Maize, Wheat, Beef Tallow, Calcium Carbonate, Red Dari and Sunflower Seeds. Does not contain palm oil.

Type of Feeder to use:
Bird Tables, Fat Ball Feeders, Ground Feeding

Birds that you may attract with Fat Balls:
Blackbird, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Collared Dove, Dunnock, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Nuthatch, Robin, Starling, Thrush, Wood Pigeon, Wren

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Lorraine Duncan 6 days ago
The birds love it
Anthon Thorne a week ago
The fat balls are an extremely popular feed amongst all my garden birds, whether pecked directly from the feeder or hoovered up from the ground!

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For out of areas (e.g. Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man and outlying areas), please refer to our delivery information for our delivery charges.

Please refer to our delivery information for further delivery details, time frames, options and what to expect.

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