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Jacobi Jayne Birdfeeder Guardian

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  • Jacobi Jayne Birdfeeder Guardian
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Jacobi Jayne Bird Feeder Guardian

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Bird Feeder Guardian - Small
Bird Feeder Guardian - Medium - to fit medium feeders (4 port)

Are your finding your bird feeders are feeding the local squirrel or doves or pigeons rather than the smaller wild birds you planned to feed?

Then the Jacobi Jayne Guardian can help.

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Are you finding your bird feeders are feeding the local squirrels, doves or pigeons rather than the smaller wild birds you planned to feed?

The Jacobi Jayne Bird feeder Guardians can be easily fitted around your Droll Yankees & Jacobi Jayne feeders stopping adult squirrels and large birds from getting to the feeder. The guardian can be suspended or pole mounted. The cage can be easily lifted off for easy filling and cleaning.

Small Guardian is compatible with: -

Ring Pull Feeders Small/2 port, Droll Yankees Lifetime feeders Small, Droll Yankees A6 Mini Feeder and Jacobi Jayne Bird Lovers Small/2 port feeders.

Large Guardian is compatible with: -

Ring Pull Feeders Medium/4 port, Droll Yankees Lifetime feeders Medium Peanut/4 port Seed/6 port Niger Feeders, and Jacobi Jayne Bird Lovers Medium Peanut/2 port Seed/4 port Niger feeder.

Bird Feeder Guardian - Small dimensions:

0.5" screw thread

Height: 23.6cm

Diameter: 8.5cm

Bird Feeder Guardian - Medium dimensions:

0.5" screw thread

Height: 38cm

Diameter: 8.5cm



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Customer Reviews

Great Review by Elizabeth
Just what I wanted (Posted on 22/08/2018)
Excellent for deterring pigeons Review by Virginia
This Guardian completely encloses a compatible feeder, unlike some which leave the top exposed, so I think it would be more effective against squirrels than some other types. We don't have squirrels but got the guardians because of the huge number of woodpigeons and collared doves which were emptying our feeders at an unsustainable rate. It's easy to remove for refilling or cleaning the feeder and sits firmly in place, screwing to the base of the feeder it encloses. It didn't work with with a seed catching tray fixed underneath, because the pigeons, starlings etc sat on the edge of the plate and got their heads through to the seed ports, but with just the base as supplied they can't manage to do this. The robins went in straight away and other smaller birds soon followed. Starlings do manage to pick out some of the food, but can't shovel it out wastefully like they used to do. The appearance of the guardian is quite graceful and inconspicuous. All in all, a good buy, which should pay for itself in saved feed within a year. (Posted on 04/05/2018)
Good wood pigeon preventer Review by Virginia
These Guardians would fit all standard 4-port feeders, it's easy to remove them and to top up the feeders. The small birds went straight in to feed as if nothing had changed. They look attractive and not too bulky, and are strongly made. This model does completely enclose a standard feeder including the top, so would be better for squirrels in that respect.
We don't have squirrels, but we've been feeding up to 7-8 wood pigeons all winter, plus jackdaws,and they empty the feeders within a day, so something had to be done. We've been using feeder trays under the feeders, which are effective at preventing food from spilling on to the ground, but allow large birds to perch and feed easily. At first I screwed a feeder plate under the Guardian frame instead of the metal base provided, but found that pigeons just sat on it and poked their heads in and fed from the ports as usual, because the mesh is quite close to the ports, so I replaced the tray with the smaller metal base provided. This foxed the pigeons as they couldn't cling to it, but of course now the surplus seed falls to the ground and is more likely to attract rats. So hence only 4 * instead of 5* - ideally, the guardian would be the same height but have a wider circumference, so it could sit on a feeder tray whilst stopping big birds being able to reach in to the feeder ports. this modification might also be good for preventing squirrels getting access.
All in all, a good buy, though, which should save the purchase price within a year as my seed bill will decrease! (Posted on 27/04/2018)
performs as it should Review by andrew barnes
The guardian protecting cage is effective in preventing the access to the feeder other than by smaller birds but the coating deteriorates in time and the underlying steel is then prone to surface rusting; this applies to all feeders that I have purchased over 20 years or more, not just to this model. (Posted on 21/01/2018)
Great guardian Review by Alun Morgan
This is a great guardian for keeping squirrels (and some of the larger birds) off your bird food. It is well made and easy to put on and off the feeder. It's not the cheapest way of protecting your bird food but because of the quality it is still good value. (Posted on 03/07/2017)

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