Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Pro Seed Feeder - Zinc

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  • Zinc Ring Pull Pro Seed Feeder - 2 port
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  • Zinc Ring Pull Pro Seed Feeder - 4 port
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  • Zinc Ring Pull Pro Seed Feeder - 6 port
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  • Ring Pull Perch Rings 2-Pack
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  • Ring Pull Perch Rings 4-Pack
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  • Ring Pull Perch Rings 6-Pack
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  • Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Base Tray
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4 port £20.99
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6 port £24.99
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2 Perch £4.99
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4 Perch £5.99
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6 Perch £6.99
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Tray £7.99
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The Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Seed Feeder is a premium quality metal feeder.
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The Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Seed Feeder is a premium quality metal feeder.

Hygiene's never been easier. Just twist the base each time you refill, allowing uneaten seeds and debris to escape. For a really thorough clean, pull the pin and all parts of the feeder separate completely.

For maximum peace of mind, Ring-Pull™ PRO comes backed with the reassurance of our Lifetime Guarantee and two easy fit Perch Rings.

Can be filled with seed mixes for feeders and straight foods like sunflower hearts.

The feeder includes 2 free perch rings.


Tough metal fittings resist chewing by squirrels

Brilliantly quick to clean with no tools needed

Base twists off for quick cleaning; comes fully apart for deep cleaning

Forever new - every part replaceable in seconds

Backed by reassurance of the Lifetime Guarantee


                                Height           Capacity (Litres)

Small        2 port      180mm           0.5
Medium    4 port      360mm           1.0
Large        6 port      570mm          1.5

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Feeding Perches

Whilst some garden birds like to feed head on, others like to be able to keep a wary eye out for predators. The Perch Rings allow wild birds to feed from several different angles meaning that you will encourage a wider range of birds to your feeder.

These feeding perches are designed to push-fit onto all Ring Pull and Ring Pull Pro Seed and Niger Feeders.

Ring Pull Base Tray

Attaching a Base Tray to Ring Pull Feeder has several benefits, it reduces the amount of wild bird food that falls onto the floor and going to waste. It will also allow those birds who prefer to feed from the ground to be able to use the feeder such as Robins.


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