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CJ Wildlife's Peanut Butter for Birds is available in 2 flavours; Original and Mealworm, and has been made with high calorie peanuts blended with butter to create a tasty, high energy treat for your garden birds to enjoy.

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CJ Wildlife's Peanut Butter for Birds is available in 2 flavours; Original and Mealworm, and has been made with high calorie peanuts blended together with butter to create a tasty, high energy treat for your garden birds to enjoy.

These resealable, peanut butter jars come with no added salt (unlike peanut butter made for human consumption) which ensures that both the original and mealworm flavoured peanut butters are full of good nutrition and safe for wild birds to tuck into; and to keep this high calorie, bird peanut butter fresh for longer, make certain to replace the lid on the jar after using as this will result in less wastage and fewer hungry birds in your local area.

The original flavoured peanut butter is popular with a variety of garden birds including blue tits and woodpeckers as they enjoy the plainer tasting peanut butter, whereas the mealworm peanut butter is ideal for attracting robins (the U.Ks favourite garden bird) as they prefer the taste of high in protein mealworms mixed with high energy peanut butter.

Each jar contains 330g of nutritious peanut butter and can simply be fed to your feathered friends by either removing the lid from the jar and placing it on a bird table, by placing some of the peanut butter on a tree trunk for more timid wild birds to find and feast on, or use one of our specially designed peanut butter feeders which allow you to feed these jars from a tree, wall or fence. Choose between the CJ Wildlife Wicklow, Dublin, London or Shannon Peanut Butter Feeders, or the Jacobi Jayne Flutter Butter Hanging Feeder.

Both flavours are avaliable as a pack of 3 jars to keep your feathered friends well fed for longer. 

Original Ingredients: Tallow, Maize Flour, Peanut Flour and Rape Oil, (665 calories per 100g).

Mealworm Ingredients: Tallow, Maize Flour, Peanut Flour, Rape Oil and Dried Mealworms, (660 calories per 100g).

The Dublin Peanut Butter Feeder is a high quality bird feeder which provides you with a good and easy way to feed Peanut Butter for Birds jars to your hungry garden birds.

Made from FSC certified wood, this suet feeder is completely safe for wild birds to use, and simply set up ready for use by sliding the flavoured peanut butter jar (with the lid removed) into this CJ Wildlife Dublin bird feeder using the small piece of wood at the front to secure the it into place.

Attach this wooden peanut butter bird feeder to a wall, tree or fence in your garden to give your wild birds more options of where to feed from in your garden, and bird peanut butter is full of high energy, nutritious ingredients which are a real treat for many wild bird species.

Dimensions: Height: 16 cm x Length: 14 cm x Width: 13.5 cm.

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