Top 10 Best Bird Feeding Stations

Looking for a bird feeding station? Feeding stations are perfect for gardens and patios alike, they allow you to get up and running and feeding your garden birds in no time. There's no need to add brackets to your fence or wall and they are easy to maintain or even move should your birds prefer a different spot in your garden.

But there are a lot to choose from! So we've put this list of recommendations together, along with some reviews to help you pick the best bird feeding stations available from Garden Wildlife Direct.

Before we start, most bird feeding stations include a pole, hooks to hang your feeders on and a spike to secure them into the ground. From there they come in different varieties, some are easier to assemble than others, some are more suited to windy weather or heavier birds, some are squirrel proof and some come with bird feeders to help you get started.

Just so you know, bird feeding stations are also known as; bird poles, bird feeding poles and dining stations for birds. You can view our other guides in our Product Guides section here.


Peckish Secret Garden Dining Station

By Peckish

A decorative dining station that has it all. It is easy to assemble, looks gorgous with its leaf design hooks and is very strong, featuring a fork design at its base to keep it steady in strong winds. This feeder has 10 hooks for hanging feeders and includes a mesh feeding tray.

Rating: (40 reviews)

Elegant looking bird feeding station - Review by Jane

"Looks great in the garden, the decorative top is keeping the pigeons and magpies off the feeders (more or less) and a torpedo baffle fitted to the pole is keeping squirrels away - had to remove wire basket ring as one got past using this as a grab!"

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Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit

By Gardman

We often recommend this feeding station to new starters. It comes complete with everything you need including; two bird seed feeders, one peanut feeder, one suet feeder, a bird bath, a mesh feeding tray and of course the feeding station itself (the pole). The station also extends to 225cm making it great for most gardens.

Rating: (4 reviews)

Lasts well - Review by Mag

"Sturdy and well made"

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Chapelwood Complete Dining Station

By Chapelwood

These bird stations arw well made and are suitable for placing in either a garden or in a patio stand. The station looks great in any garden and is available with either a black finish, or a bronze finish. The station comes with a range of feeders to help get you started including; one peanut feeder, two seed feeders, one suet block feeder, a water dish and a mesh feeding tray.

Rating: (94 reviews)

A very good purchase - Review by Raymond

"The dining station is a very good purchase of very good quality and has everything you need to feed and water all the birds. Very easy to assemble and position in the garden,and delivery was very prompt."

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Tom Chambers Royale Bird Feeding Station

By Tom Chambers

This heavy duty bird feeding station assembles easily by screwing the poles together. This is different to most bird feeding stations, which have bolts to secure them, the result is an elegant bird feeding station. The station also features a sturdy ground spike to help prevent the station blowing over in the wind, or when large birds land on it. Includes an extra large seed tray as well as a large water dish.

Rating: (3 reviews)

Excellent. You get what you pay for. - Review by Tim

"Solid and built to last."

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Honeyfield's Premium All In 1 Feeding Dining Station

By Honeyfield's

This premium bird feeding station is an ornate, sturdy good all-rounder. The feeding station is heavy duty with 4 large pronged ground spikes for extra stability. Includes a water bowl and a mesh feeding tray.

Rating: (19 reviews)

Good product - Review by Carolyn

"Very nice, stable item. We get quite a lot of wind so the 3-prong base is excellent. It's the second one we have bought, we now have one in front and back gardens. Pleased with both."

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Supa Wild Bird Feeding Station

By Supa

A cheap and cheerful bird feeding station, perfect for the budding bird feeder! This station has three hooks for hanging your bird feeders on and includes a mesh feeder and water bowl.

Rating: (44 reviews)

Excellent price and good value - Review by John

"Excellent value for money and a well made product. The purchasing process was easy and delivery was made very quickly"

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Nature's Market Deluxe Bird Feeding Station

By Nature's Market

This station features four hooks to hang your feeders from, as well as an additional hook that can be moved around, or set at a different height. It also includes a water dish, feeding tray, seed feeder, suet ball feeder, nut feeder and a suet cake feeder.

Rating: (40 reviews)

Delighted - Review by Helen

"This is brilliant. I was surprised and very pleased that it includes seed holders of various types which I hadn't realised. Great value for money too."

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Peckish Supreme Dining Station

By Peckish

A stylish well built feeding station, with a ground spike for stability. This feeding station comes with a mesh tray and water bowl and stands 230cm tall once fully assembled.

Rating: (20 reviews)

Very good high feeder unit - Review by SR

"This is nice, very high and solid."

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Tom Chambers Boutique Bird Station

By Tom Chambers

This unique looking feeder is beautifully made and has all of the bells and whistles you would expect. It features a large ground spike to keep it nice and stable in bad weather, feature detailing including a small metal bird on top of your feeder (to whatover the other birds while they feed!) and elegant detailing throughout. This bird feeding station includes a feeding mesh tray and a water dish.

Rating: (2 reviews)

I'm really pleased with my purchase - Review by Carol

"I'm really pleased with the Boutique Bird Station. It is standing pride of place in my garden and has encouraged more birds."

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Tom Chambers Elegance Bird Feeding Station

By Tom Chambers

This copper finished bird feeding station is large, with five hooks for hanging your feeders. The station includes an extra large integral water bowl and mesh tray and is elegantly finished. The poles simply screw together, making it very easy to set up and the large ground spike makes it nice and stable during adverse weather.

Rating: (5 reviews)

Elegance Bird Feeding Station - Review by Susan

"Excellent Quality. Very easy to assemble and excellent value for money. Looks really good when errected and the birds love it."

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