Best Bird Tables

We have hundreds of bird tables available on our website. While it's great to have some choice, sometimes it does make things a little more difficult!

We've put together this list which contains some of our favourite bird tables and some of the best selling tables available on our website.

We've included both cheap bird tables, ornate bird tables and the better quality bird tables, which sometimes come with a guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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Tom Chambers Dovesdale Bird Table

By Tom Chambers

A premium bird table hand crafted from Swedish Redwood and decorated with a slate roof. This bird table can be quickly and easily assembled.

Rating: (3 reviews)

Great table - Review by Sandra

"Really beautiful table. Any bird will be happy to visit it."

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Peckish Complete Bird Table

By Peckish

An attractive oak-stained bird table. This one is easy to assemble and features rot resistant feet, making it suitable for placement on most surfaces.

Rating: (1 review)

Quality product at a competitive price - Review by John

"Sturdy & well made bird table. Very straight forward to assemble. Product arrived very well packaged. Overall, very pleased with this purchase!"

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Nature's Market Wooden Bird Table

By Nature's Market

This bird table falls squarely within the 'cheap and cheerful' price bracket. It is easy to assemble, but you'll probably want some pegs to help secure it in higher winds.

Rating: (44 reviews)

Excellent - Review by Ian

"Great bird table for the price, the birds love it"

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Peckish Woodland Bird Table

By Peckish

One of the cheaper slate roof bird tables we stock, the Peckish Woodland Bird Table is a favourite for many a bird. The bird table stands at 1.6m tall and comes with additional hooks for hanging feeders from.

Rating: (4 reviews)

Great product. - Review by Gerald

"The table is relatively easy to put together although an electric screwdriver was a BIG help. Birds love it."

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Tom Chambers Bretton Bird Table

By Tom Chambers

With its three legs, this bird table could be a bit more sturdy for you depending on where you put it. The table stands at 1.55m tall and also features a slate roof.

Rating: (3 reviews)

Well made, very pleased with it - Review by Colin

"The product is well made. (It's fun to watch a wood pigeon land on the roof and slide down the slate!). I wanted a 3 legged bird table as I think it's more stable than a 4 legged one would be. The only improvement I can think of is to have a seed/peanut feeder attached below the roof."

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Tom Chambers Baby Dovesdale Bird Table

By Tom Chambers

Slightly bigger than most bird tables at 1.65m tall and manufactured in the UK. This premium bird table would make a stunning centrepiece to any garden.

Rating: (2 reviews)

Excellent - Review by Paul

"A really nice product! Very pleased"

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Tom Chambers Garsdale Bird Table

By Tom Chambers

Manufactured in the UK and standing at 1.55m tall, this slate roof bird table is nice and sturdy.

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Tom Chambers Bird Gazebo Bird Table

By Tom Chambers

It may appear a little unconventional, but this bird table is very well made with its handcrafted design. The table is quite a bit taller than many of the others, standing at 1.75m tall and is easily assembled with just 4 wing nuts.

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Tom Chambers Bedale Bird Table

By Tom Chambers

This table is a little different in that it features a hand cut slate roof. It's one of our more heavy duty tables, but it's still easy to assemble with 4 wing nuts (like most of the bird tables from Tom Chambers). It's one of our taller tables standing at 1.78m.

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Wildlife World Bempton Hanging Bird Table

By Wildlife World

This is one of our more unusual bird feeding tables. You'll need somewhere suitable to hang this feeder as it is quite large (about 30cm x 20cm), but it does look great in any location. Alternatively, we've heard from several of our customers who have used it as a decorative hanging basket!

Rating: (33 reviews)

Beautiful bird house - Review by Sarah

"A beautiful bird house to look at & made to a high quality. It’s lovely watching the birds come & feed from it. I kept on going back to this bird table & I’m extremely happy with my purchase & a quick delivery too."

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