Best Nesting Boxes

With so many different types of garden nesting boxes (bird boxes) available, it can be hard to decide which one is the right one for you, (or should we say, the right one for your garden birds!)

There are two main types of nest box: open fronted and boxes with a small entrance hole.

Open fronted boxes will be used by birds that like to nest in dense foliage such as Robins, Wrens, Thrushes and Blackbirds, Pied Wagtails and Dunnocks. A box with an entrance hole will be used by most other small garden birds, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Sparrows, Nuthatches, Redstarts. Entrance holes range in size from a tiny starter hole that a woodpecker will peck to the desired size, a 26mm hole for blue tits, and up to 28mm and 32mm for other species of small garden birds.

To help you decide, here’s 10 of the best nesting boxes in the UK for 2020. There’s sure to be one that will provide the perfect winter refuge or spring nesting site for one of your garden birds.

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Gardman Heart Nest Box

Heart Nest Box

By Gardman

This stylish yet practical nest box is made from pine with an attractive red cedar wood tiled roof. The nest box provides shelter in harsh weather and a breeding space for the birds.

Rating: (1 review)

Lovely bird box - Review by Kimberly

"Delivered quickly and lovely quality"

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Wildlife World New England Nest Box

New England Nest Box

By Wildlife World

Reminiscent of New England Beach huts, this FSC-certified timber nest box brings a reminder of sunny days to your garden. Featuring a real shingle roof, lapboard sides and a silvered hole protector to prevent damage to the nest box entrance, this gorgeous green bird box will be a charming addition to any outdoor space.

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CJ Wildlife Birch Log Nest Box with 32mm Hole

Birch Log Nest Box

By CJ Wildlife

Made from high quality birch wood this CJ Wildlife bird box comes with self insulating properties which will help increase the survival rate of the younger birds in the nest, and the durable birch exterior of this nesting spot is weather resistant - unlike traditional wooden bird boxes which tend to rot after times of bad weather.

Rating: (3 reviews)

Birds love it - Review by Zena

"I bought 4 of these and within 2 days a blue tit had moved into each of them. I am very happy with these nesting boxes. They serve their purpose very well."

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Tom Chambers Robin Nest Box

Robin Nest Box

By Tom Chambers

Designed for the nation’s favourite garden bird, this sturdy little house will also accommodate wrens and dunnocks. It has a built-in hanging slot which makes it easy to mount. Manufactured in the U.K. from FSC certified wood.

Rating: (1 reviews)

Very well made - Review by Carol

"Very well made and not from flimsy wood, but solid. Put it up straight away."

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Wildlife World Dovecote Nest Box

Dovecote Nest Box

By Wildlife World

Offer birds a stylish new home with the Dovecote nest box. The handmade timber shingle roof is topped with a decorative white finial to make a beautiful focal feature in your garden, as well as a practical nesting spot for your small feathered friends, such as blue tits. The black steel hopes and flat-back of the nest box provide structural stability and beautiful presentation.

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Natural Log Tit Nesting Box

Simon King Cabin Nester

By Wildlife World

Attract the nation’s favourite bird to your garden with this open front nest box, a style favoured by robins. Designed by British naturalist Simon King, this brushwood bird box is strengthened by a metal frame and lined for extra warmth to provide shelter and safety to a variety of garden birds.

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Tom Chambers Birch Nest Box

Birch Nest Box

By Tom Chambers

This attractive nest box is made from natural birch log and will blend beautifully into your garden, attracting various birds to nestle in for comfort and protection. The 32mm hole is perfect for larger tits and sparrows. The box has a contrasting roof and comes with a back bracket.

Rating: (1 review)

Sturdy and Popular Already - Review by Mel

"I put this up a week ago. Next day, blue tits were looking at it with great interest. Same this weekend. Think they may have found their dream home! Natural looking, sturdy and looks good in our garden."

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Wildlife World Giant Roost Pocket Small Bird Nester

Giant Roost Pocket Small Bird Nester

By Wildlife World

Perfect for roosting or nesting for small garden birds. Sited in a sheltered spot out of the prevailing wind this could be a life saver for small birds during harsh weather. It has a sturdy inner frame to support the brushwood covering, and integral fixing loops so that it can be easily tied into suitable foliage.

Rating: (5 reviews)

Sure to be a hit - Review by Susan

"Only put in garden yesterday and interest has been shown and I feel sure it will be a hit."

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Tom Chambers Multi Nest Box

Multi Nest Box

By Tom Chambers

This Multi Nest Box comes with a choice of 3 different openings, includes 28mm and 32mm entrance holes as well as an open fronted box option, so you can expect various birds to nestle into this cosy house.

Rating: (3 reviews)

Brilliant Bird Box - Review by Nicola

"Brilliant bird box, very prompt, well packaged delivery. I was so pleased with this when it arrived. Much nicer than expected. It was beautiful and well worth the money"

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Chapelwood Nest Box Dark Wood

Dark Wood Nest Box

By Chapelwood

This classic design nest box has a 28mm entrance hole perfect for the tit family. Made from FSC certified pine, the sides easily open to allow end of season cleaning.

Rating: (8 reviews)

Excellent quality - Review by Helen

"Really well made bird box. Like the design of the side access to clean box out at end of season "

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