Best Squirrel Proof Feeders

Looking for a squirrel proof bird feeder? We all love to see the birds in our garden, but how do you deal with squirrels stealing bird food from your feeders?

There are several approaches you can take to avoid squirrels stealing your bird food:

Caged Squirrel Proof Feeders are generally a bit cheaper and simply add a cage around the bird feeder that squirrels won't be able to get into.

Spring Loaded Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders are a little more expensive. They use the squirrels weight against them by closing the seed ports so that squirrels can't access them.

Squirrel Proof Bird Food is bird food with a bit of heat! Birds won't notice the heat (hot pepper), but squirrels hate it and will quickly learn not to touch your bird food.

Squirrel Baffles are devices that you can attach to your bird feeders or bird feeding stations to make it harder for squirrels to get onto the feeders in the first place.

Just one thing - squirrel proof feeders will stop older squirrels, but juveniles might still be able to get to your seed. They're lighter, so might not trigger the spring loaded feeders and may be small enough to get through the bars in a caged feeder. They wont be able to for long though!

Choosing an Anti-Squirrel Bird Feeder

There are a lot to choose from! So we've put this list of recommendations together, along with some reviews to help you pick the best squirrel proof bird feeders available from Garden Wildlife Direct.

Be aware that squirrel proof feeders exist for each type of bird feeder, so you'll find squirrel proof seed feeders, squirrel proof nut feeders, squirrel proof suet feeders and more.

Just so you know, squirrel proof feeders are also known as; anti-squirrel bird feeders. You can view our other guides in our Product Guides section here.


Tom Chambers Squirrel Stop Feeder

Squirrel Stop Feeder

By Tom Chambers

Cleverly designed to stop squirrels stealing seed by cutting off their food supply. This feeder features closing metal seed ports that shut when squirrels or larger birds land on the feeder, and a strong lid that closes firmly with clasps to prevent squirrels getting into the feeder from the top.

Rating: (14 reviews)

Excellent product, just what I was looking for - Review by Bernard

"I have bought two of these and I am more than confident that my squirrel pest problem is resolved!"

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Henry Bell Heritage Gold Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

Heritage Gold Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

By Henry Bell

A large, strong and stylish squirrel proof seed feeder finished in antique gold which features a robust and easy to lift lid, alongside bird friendly perches and an angled based to support the easy flow of seed.

Rating: (22 reviews)

Brilliant - Review by Victoria

"I love this - the squirrels can’t get in but the blue tits can!"

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Chapelwood Ultra Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder

Ultra Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder

By Chapelwood

A caged squirrel proof peanut feeder with an attractive green coating. Smaller birds can access the nuts, while larger birds and squirrels are kept at bay thanks to the sturdy, metal bars which restrict access to all but your smaller feathered friends.

Rating: (12 reviews)

Great feeder - Review by Josephine

"This is the first feeder we feel is well designed the cage is sturdy and the gaps are just the right size better than many of the more expensive brands by far!"

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Henry Bell Sterling 3-in-1 Squirrel Proof Feeder

Henry Bell Sterling 3-in-1 Squirrel Proof Feeder

By Henry Bell

The innovative Henry Bell 3-in-1 Squirrel Proof Feeder is designed to allow wild birds to safely feed on a variety of their favourite foods whilst protecting them from greedy squirrels. Featuring a large hanging hook, this feeder is simple to hang up in your garden and makes a beautifully decorative addition to any outdoor space.

Rating: (8 reviews)

Excellent - Review by Dog Lady

"Easy to clean, easy to refill, well made, good looking and very good value."

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Brome Squirrel Buster Seed Feeder

Brome Squirrel Buster Seed Feeder

By Brome

The brilliant "Squirrel Buster" from Brome will stop squirrels and the larger birds feeding from this clever feeder. This squirrel proof feeder is part of an award-winning designed range of feeders that are the only ones on the market to be 100% Squirrel Proof and not a mild deterrent like all other feeders.

Rating: (235 reviews)

Excellent idea - Review by Avril

"This is the first squirrel proof feeder I have bought and it actually does what it says in the product description."

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Panacea Dragonfly Squirrel Resistant Tube Feeder

Dragonfly Squirrel Resistant Tube Feeder

By Panacea

A spring loaded feeder with a large 1.13kg seed capacity that prevents squirrels accessing the feed inside by having weight activated closing ports. The locking roof further squirrel proofs this feeder so more seed is left for smaller birds. Featuring a delightful dragonfly pattern.

Rating: (14 reviews)

Best squirrel proof feeder - Review by Mal

"This is a fantastic feeder, squirrels definitely can't get at the seed, fill mine with sunflower hearts and the gold finches are queuing up"

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Tom Chambers Pewter Flick 'n' Click Squirrel Resistant Fat Ball Feeder

Tom Chambers Pewter Flick 'n' Click Squirrel Resistant Fat Ball Feeder

By Tom Chambers

This globe squirrel resistant fat ball feeder is a gorgeous addition to any garden, its ingenious yet simple caged design will allow smaller birds in whilst keeping out the larger birds and squirrels.

Rating: (8 reviews)

Excellent - Review by Rosemary

"Really happy with this feeder. Squirrels reeally cant get in Seems very robust,should last a long time."

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CJ Wildlife London Squirrel Resistant Suet Block Feeder

London Squirrel Resistant Suet Block Feeder

By CJ Wildlife

A well built suet block feeder surrounded by a squirrel proof cage. It's simple to fill, hang and clean.

Rating: (36 reviews)

It works - Review by Sue

"The squirrels were eating a suet block each day! Now a suet block lasts for over a week!"

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Peckish Squirrel Proof Bird Food

Squirrel Proof Bird Food

By Peckish

Perhaps the more devious approach to stopping the squirrels, this squirrel proof bird food features hot pepper to deter squirrels. The hot pepper in the suet pellets is too hot for squirrels, but birds are unaffected by them. You might still find the squirrels tuck in to begin with but don't worry, they'll soon learn!

Rating: (27 reviews)

Squirrels really do leave it alone - Review by Karen

"This is the only bird food I’ve found so far that the squirrels really don’t like. It last much longer than anything else I feed the birds."

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Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

Squirrel Baffles are great to protect your current bird feeders from pesky squirrels. Just add one to your bird feeding stations and watch them try and figure it out. This one is made from textured powder coated steel and is easy to attach to your bird feeding station (just check it's compatible with yours on the product page).

Rating: (25 reviews)

Squirrel Baffle - Review by Ian

"Excellent in stopping squirrel and brown rats climbing feed pole. easy to fit. This is second one I've bought - wish I had done so years ago."

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