Garden Wildlife Direct Reward Points Scheme




Earning Points


  • You can only earn points with a registered account - if you are not currently registered, please use the create account button to quickly register with us.

  • A single reward point is awarded for every two pounds spent (e.g. a purchase of a £22.98 earns 11 points).

  • The number of points to be earned will be visible on the basket / checkout page, prior to any purchase.

  • Points cannot be earned on the value of any delivery charge.



Spending Points


  • Reward points can only be redeemed on your subsequent purchases.

  • You can spend all of your points in one go, or none at all up to 75% of your order.

  • You can use reward points to cover up to 75% of the total cost of your order. That means if you have 200 reward points (worth £10) and your order comes to £10, you'll be able to use 150 of hose in that order. The other 50 reward points can be spent in future orders, or you can increase the size of your order until you can use them.

  • 1 point = 5p discount (so to get a £5 discount, you'd need 100 points)

  • There is no maximum or minimum number required to redeem - whatever you've got, you can use!

  • Points are not earned on the purchase of certain items (for example stills, starter sets and special orders) but CAN be redeemed against their purchase.

  • Reward points can be spent on the website AND over the phone.



Terms & Conditions


Please visit the following page for our updated terms and conditions.