Tip number 1: Be sure to use a bird bath in your garden. It’s really important to keep your bird hydrated over the hot summer months, and those birds with relatively dry diets can suffer from lack of water.

Tip number 2: Try keeping your bird feeders in the shade and out of direct sunlight. This will create a comfortable feeding experience for your garden birds, as well as prevent foods such as suet balls from melting and getting spoiled.

Tip number 3: Make sure to keep your bird feeders nice and clean. Regular cleaning prevents the spread of disease and parasitic infections. Greenfinches, in particular, are vulnerable to diseases such as trichomoniasis; cleaning your feeder will lower the possibility of this, and other horrific diseases, from spreading to other birds.

Tip number 4: Try using window stickers to prevent your birds flying into the window.

Tip number 5: Feed frequently and with a diverse amount of food. By keeping your feeders full up, your birds will see your garden as a trusted source of nutritious food. They will keep coming back for more and more…