Duck & Swan Food

Whether you have your own pond or enjoy feeding the birds in your local park, our specially formulated swan and duck food is a welcome treat for water-loving fowls. More digestible than bread, our duck and swan food range is available as dry floating feed to give water birds a nutritious alternative they will love, without polluting aquatic environments.

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  1. Mr Johnson's Swan Duck and Goose Food 750g
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  2. Wild Things Swan & Duck Food
    47 reviews
    • 4.7872340425532 out of 5
    • Janet
    • Looks good. Can’t vouch for the taste.



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  3. Brambles Swan and Duck Food
    38 reviews
    • 4.8947368421053 out of 5
    • Mhairi of London
    • Enjoyed by swans,geese,moorhens,mallards and other variety of duck. Delivered quickly. Floats on water surface.



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