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A favourite visitor to many gardens, our precious hedgehogs sometimes need a little bit of a helping hand. And, as a hedgehog accessories and supplies specialist, we have one of the best selections of ‘hog’ products online. From delicious meaty treats to insect crumble and even gorgeous hedgehog homes, treat your prickly visitors today!

We stock a wide range of hedgehog products including hedgehog food and hedgehog houses/hedgehog homes.

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  1. Wildlife World Hedgehog Barn
    No reviews
    Hedgehog House
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  2. Tom Chambers Vermont Hedgehog House
    No reviews
    Hedgehog House

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  3. Wildlife World Hedgehog Dome Home
    No reviews
    Hedgehog House
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  4. Wildlife World Hedgehog Retreat
    2 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Anthon Thorne
    • This is a superb looking product - very well made so it should prove resilient in all weather. I am now eagerly awaiting my first hedgehog to take up residence!
    Hedgehog House

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  5. Brambles Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food - 850g
    9 reviews
    • 4.4444444444444 out of 5
    • Lynn Davison
    • Not easy to get this hedgehog food so really pleased we can get it here. The hedgehogs love it.
    Hedgehog Food

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  6. Hedgehog Haus
    9 reviews
    • 4.7777777777778 out of 5
    • valerie
    • very pleased with the product good service and very well packed thank you xmas present for my eldest daughter and she was absolutely surprised and delighted with it
    Hedgehog House
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  7. Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food - 400g
    42 reviews
    • 4.6904761904762 out of 5
    • Margaret Pitcher
    • Could be cheaper as I buy in bulk. Always good packaging no dented tins.

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  8. Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food
    155 reviews
    • 4.7935483870968 out of 5
    • Tim
    • Good quality feed


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  9. Wildlife World Hogilo Hedgehog Home
    14 reviews
    • 4.6428571428571 out of 5
    • Heather Eighteen
    • Can't praise their service any more highly. thank you. - Collecting dried leaves to put in it.
    Hedgehog House

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  10. Tom Chambers Hungry Hedgehog Food Blend 0.75kg
    22 reviews
    • 4.5454545454545 out of 5
    • Mrs Warren
    • Good quality and reliable service

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  11. Jacobi Jayne 'I Love Hedgehogs' Food
    109 reviews
    • 4.6880733944954 out of 5
    • ann
    • Our nightly hedgehogs love it Ann W.


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  12. Cotswold Granaries Hedgehog Food
    7 reviews
    • 4.8571428571429 out of 5
    • Janine Rawlinson
    • Good moist mix

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