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A favourite visitor to many gardens, our precious hedgehogs sometimes need a little bit of a helping hand. And, as a hedgehog accessories and supplies specialist, we have one of the best selections of ‘hog’ products online. From delicious meaty treats to insect crumble and even gorgeous hedgehog homes, treat your prickly visitors today!

We stock a wide range of hedgehog products including hedgehog food and hedgehog houses/hedgehog homes.

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  1. Calci Worms
    231 reviews
    • 4.9134199134199 out of 5
    • Margaret Pitcher
    • Good value for money the Jackdaws in the garden go mad with these worms they really love them. Well packed for delivery nice and fresh long sell by date. Thank you





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  2. Spike's Crunchy Dry Hedgehog Food
    118 reviews
    • 4.864406779661 out of 5
    • Mrs Edda Best
    • I tried this to compare with other dried/crunchy food and it will get eaten. But on the whole wet food is preferred.


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  3. Wild Things Hedgehog Food 2kg
    87 reviews
    • 4.816091954023 out of 5
    • david
    • Hedgehogs love this product

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  4. Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food
    158 reviews
    • 4.7974683544304 out of 5
    • Margaret Pitcher
    • The animals enjoy this product and it is nice to be able to buy in bulk and get a better price. I don’t have to worry about bringing it home from the shops so it is nice and convenient. Always nice and fresh.


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  5. Wildlife World 1kg Hedgehog Food
    28 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Sandy
    • Four Hedgehog's visit our garden every night - they love this food. Will purchase again.

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  6. Wildlife World Hogilo Hedgehog Home
    14 reviews
    • 4.6428571428571 out of 5
    • Heather Eighteen
    • Can't praise their service any more highly. thank you. - Collecting dried leaves to put in it.
    Hedgehog House

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  7. Tom Chambers Rustic Hedgehog House
    12 reviews
    • 4.75 out of 5
    • Helena
    • Brilliant! - Well-made and substantial-makes a great hedgehog feeder.I wouldn't recommend as a hedgehog house though.It just doesn't have any of the features a good hedgehog house requires.But just the right size for a hedgehog to eat dinner in and stay n
    Hedgehog House

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  8. Tom Chambers Hungry Hedgehog Food Blend 0.75kg
    22 reviews
    • 4.5454545454545 out of 5
    • Mrs Warren
    • Good quality and reliable service

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  9. Jacobi Jayne 'I Love Hedgehogs' Food
    110 reviews
    • 4.6909090909091 out of 5
    • ann
    • Our nightly hedgehogs love it Ann W.


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  10. Spikes Scrummy Meaty Supper Hedgehog Food
    No reviews

    Out of stock
  11. Spike's Tasty Semi Moist Hedgehog Food
    238 reviews
    • 4.7941176470588 out of 5
    • SteveP
    • Hoggies & friends - To be honest at this time of year the hoggies are safely asleep in their boxes but I keep putting the food out because the badger and fox like it too. Spikes is very tasty it seems.


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