CJ Wildlife London Squirrel Resistant Suet Block Feeder

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The London Squirrel Proof Suet Block Feeder is the ideal way to ensure that your smaller feathered friends are well fed.  

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The London Squirrel Proof Suet Block Feeder is the perfect way to ensure that your smaller feathered friends are kept well fed. This stylish feeder comes with a robust outer cage with holes too small for squirrels and larger birds to fit through. (Althoug, unfortunately the occasional juvenile squirrel may still be able to still squeeze through, but this is rare).

The London Bird Feeder is simple to fill, hang up and keep clean - the lid can easily be opened for refilling - and suet blocks can be fed from the internal mesh feeder inside this spherical, green feeder. Once full you can then easily hang up this bird suet feeder from a hook, feeding station or branch using the curved metal handle. Cleaning should be done every 2 months to keep it safe and hygienic for blue tits, robins and other bird species to use.

Made to last from heavy duty metal, this squirrel resistant suet square feeder has been designed to last in all weather conditions to ensure you can feed your garden birds all year round. The base of this bird feeder comes with drainage holes which allows rainwater to drain away, stopping the bird food from becoming wet and inedible.

Squirrels are generally very clever creatures and even the occasional sneaky adult squirrel can find a way into these feeders, we are unable to offer any refunds on this basis.  

Dimensions: Height: 20.5 cm x Diameter: 22 cm.

Please note, suet block is not included.

*A Note On Squirrel Protection

This feeder can only protect against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds. Some birds may not fit through the bars but could manage to get their head into the feeder.  Adolescent young squirrels could squeeze into the feeder due to their flexibility. The young squirrels look very similar to adults. This is a temporary seasonal issue.

You may also find that adolescent jackdaws, crows and pigeons may find their way in. The bars on these feeders cannot be made smaller to protect from adolescent or red squirrels as this would pose a risk to the birds.

A deterrent of chilli flakes mixed in with the nuts or seeds will deter the squirrels whilst being completely harmless to the birds.

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